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    14 Times Canada Completely Ruined Your Halloween

    Trick or retreat.

    1. When the weather decided to mess up your plans.

    Via Twitter: @CBCNS

    Every. Single. Year.

    2. And when people could barely tell what your costume was because it was tragically hidden under your jacket.

    Halloween in Canada is cold, feat. me circa 1995 dressed as a (snow) cow. ❄️

    3. Like, seriously.

    #halloween #twenty #thirteen #power #rangers #winter #coats #welcome #to #canada by skr33chy

    Are you a... princess?

    4. Honestly, the weather would be totally bearable up until the DAY OF HALLOWEEN.

    Of course it would snow on Halloween..😒😒 #Canada

    And then you would get salt stains on your costume.

    5. And when you were forced to trick-or-treat in a certain direction to avoid blistering winds.

    Howling winds for Halloween around Saskatchewan #yxe #cbcyxe

    6. When you had ​those neighbours who tried to give out Air Canada mints instead of real candy.

    Air Canada mints - by far the weirdest candy my kids got tonight. #halloween #whodoesthat?#creepypilots #weirdcandy

    Now, this is what should be illegal.

    7. When that pumpkin that took you forever to carve got covered in snow.

    8. And no one got to see your artistic abilities.

    Halloween in Canada..that's scary.

    9. When the government made it illegal to dress up like a witch or wizard.

    #witchesbeware - It's against the Canada Criminal Code, keep that in mind next Halloween...

    "Accio justice-for-the-Canadian-people!"

    10. When someone thought this was a good costume.

    Costume Land / Via

    11. Or this.

    12. Don't forget about when Halloween was cancelled due to polar bear activity.

    Slate / Via

    13. Seriously, this nation's majestic wildlife has zero respect for you...

    Calgary Sun / Via

    14. And your decorations.

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