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    Posted on Apr. 28, 2017

    Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending 50 Canadian Dollars?

    Watermelon tote bags, clever bookmarks, and air hockey tables! How far can *you* get without buying something?


    Welcome to a ~Canadian~ edition of “Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?”

    I'm your host, Sarah. I, unfortunately, am not the puntastic Jeff, but I'm Canadian so I understand all those sell-an-organ-to-pay-for-the-shipping or "not available in your country" garbage.

    So I've done all the hard work and found some internet doodads and thingamajigs that you WON'T have to mentally convert into Canadian dollars.

    You know the game: Try to make it through this ENTIRE POST without buying something. Don't wanna buy anything? That's groovy! Stay for my cringeworthy attempts at making puns or try your best to scroll right past 'em! I won't be offended.


    1. This genius bookmark that will point you to the exact spot you stopped reading last time.


    Put your book down, flip it, and reverse it.

    Price: $8. Also available in green and grey.

    2. This portable pint glass that can fit right in your pocket.

    It's un-beer-lievable.

    Price: $15.96.

    3. This clever makeup bag that can lay flat to display all your cosmetics and be scrunched into its own carrying bag.


    It'll have you blushing.

    Price: $38.94. Also available in pink, black, gold, silver, and several other colours.

    4. These sleek cable wire clips that will prevent cords you're not using from slipping off the desk.


    They're just wired that way.

    Price: $11.99 for eight clips. Also available in all black.

    5. This table top air hockey game that will bring the shootout to your desk.


    For people who pucking love hockey.

    Price: $40.

    6. This concrete desk planter that will make those stressful days at work a little more zen.


    How suc-cute-lent!

    Price: $25.20.

    7. This high-waisted cutout bikini that will take your beach game up a level.


    That's for shore!

    Price: $22.90 for the bottoms. Get the matching top here for also $22.90.

    8. These vibrant polaroid stands that will show off some of your fave moments.

    Just snap them together to prop them up!

    Price: $10.

    9. These black kitty party picks that will add some cuteness to your next dinner party.


    I'm seriously so hungry right meow.

    Price: $12.09.

    10. Or maybe this French bulldog baseball hat is more your style.

    Because those UV rays can be ruff on your skin.

    Price: $14.90.

    11. This carbonated face mask that will bubble up to clean out those pesky pores.


    Stop blowing your money on other products and blow some bubbles instead.

    Price: $12.98.

    12. This universal jar opener that will open even the most stubborn food items.


    It's a big dill when it comes to pickles.

    Price: $5.59.

    13. This flexible rubber you can use to fix just about anything.

    Throw out all those useless tools. This is not a drill.

    Price: $27.40.

    14. This cute watermelon tote that will refresh your summer outfit.

    It's so unique. It's truly one in a melon.

    Price: $20.90.

    15. This satisfying butter cutter that will slice the perfect pat every time.


    It'll quickly become your buttah half.

    Price: $19.

    16. This glossy foral plate set that will match your aesthetic.


    You can't leaf this page without it.

    Price: $35.

    17. And finally, this apologetic shirt that will should come in every Canadian starter pack.


    Much cute. So apol-eh-getic.

    Price: $19.75. Available in several sizes.

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