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    25 Cats Who Aren't Ready For Winter

    "But I don't want to be an indoor cat!"

    1. "Oh, please. I'm just going to live in denial. I'll be happier."

    2. "Leave me alone. Can't you see that I'm trying to live my best life here?"

    3. "I mean, why drink from a bowl when you can have an entire fountain to yourself?"

    4. "And why sit on the couch like a common feline when you can stretch out like royalty on a chaise longue?"

    5. "C'mon. You know this is where we belong."

    6. "Or stay warm and toasty next to the BBQ."

    7. "This good life will never end!"

    8. "OH GOD. THAT WATER IS FREEZING. I lied. The good life has ended."

    9. "I just really really really don't like change, OK?"

    10. "Seriously, go away. It's hard to be zen when you keep reminding me that SNOW is on its way."

    11. "Don't you know that it's been scientifically proven that I am 10 times cuter in summer than any other season?"

    12. "Sorry. Could you repeat that? I was too busy yawning."

    13. "I'm an animal for goodness sakes! I cannot be contained by four walls."

    14. "Sweet, sweet patio season. I will miss thee."