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15 Cats And Dogs Who Could Use A Boop Right About Now

*boops computer screen*

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1. This pretty kitty who is trying to use telepathy to tell you to give her a boop already.

BellBoy225 / Via

2. And this golden guy who can't wait for a gentle nose pat.

michaelserra / Via

3. This precious gem who wants to formally introduce you to her tiny button nose.

misterceeznuubz / Via

4. And this adorable hound who's completely mastered the snout pout.

D33G33 / Via

5. This two-toned sniffer who knows you can't resist their beautiful nose for much longer.

shohagmia / Via

6. And this smiley fluff baby who loves wittle tickles on his wittle pink nose.

TheFloofPolice / Via

7. This majestic munchkin who knows a boop will make you both feel better.

Habana / Via

8. And this happy dude who double-dog dares you to boop his snoot.

VSTAR31 / Via

9. This sweet baby angel who even has a little heart-shaped target to show you the way.

flquigs / Via

10. And this pupperoni who is hungry for a scoop full of boops.

@PeanutPaws1 / Via Twitter: @PeanutPaws1

11. This teeny pompom who can barely handle the anticipation.

tylo144 / Via

12. This floppy fluff who knows you can't ignore his perfect lil' peach of a nose.

@kaylie_the_minidachshund / Via

13. This green-eyed gal who can't go on much longer without a schnoz pat.

14. This friendly fella who would trade a pretzel for a boop any day.

@allisonvolk / Via Twitter: @allisonvolk

15. And lastly, this flufferdoodle who wants to boop YOU!

kasumi1190 / Via

💖 *boop* 💖

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