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23 Things You’ll Understand If You’re Obsessed With Chapters/Indigo

*grabs book and sits down for 5 hours*

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2. You walk in and feel your cheeks flush with excitement. You take off your coat so you don't get overheated, and then you know, it's time.


7. At this stage in your journey, it’s important that you differentiate “need” from “want.” The word “want” does not exist in this store: You need everything.


8. Yes, you need that small metallic makeup bag with a french bulldog on it. Yes, you need that mug with your first initial on it AND hells yes, you need to spend $30 extra so you can get that insanely fuzzy blanket on a discount.

9. Now that you've eased in, it's time to hit up the books. Go run you fingers sensually across the spines of some fresh paperbacks.

10. Then spend 5 minutes pretending you’re looking for a chair when you know you’ll just end up on the carpet, leaning against a shelf, reading a book for an hour to "just see if I'll like it."


14. Your eyes gaze upon the wall of Moleskines and your heart flutters. And yeah, you don’t even journal, but you aspire to be the kind of person who journals.

16. This shelf is the equivalent of your junk drawer at home. It is just like your home, but if your home was not ugly and terrible and full of beautiful things.


19. You stand there in line, convincing yourself. "Yes, I need a tiny plastic solar-powered sunflower that has no purpose. Yes, I need a pen that is in the shape of a hippo."

23. You stroll out of the store. It's dark. You wonder, "What day is it?" But it doesn’t matter. You finally feel like you’ve accomplished something for once in your goddamn life.


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