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    Here Are The Best Sex Toys You Can Get On Amazon

    Is it hot in here, or is it just my Amazon cart?

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favourite sex toys in the entire world. Here are the orgasm-inducing results:

    1. This Lelo Sona clitoral massager, which uses sonic technology to create a strong sensation that you haven't felt before.

    2. The We Vibe adjustable couple's vibrator, which can be controlled with a remote for hands-free solo pleasure, or with a smartphone app for moments when you want your partner to take control.

    3. The legendary Satisfyer Pro 2, which reviewers say is WORTH 👏 EVERY 👏 PENNY 👏 . These satisfied customers can't stop talking about the 11 ~sucking modes~ that range from gentle to intense that keep delivering orgasm after orgasm.

    4. These System JO H20 flavoured lubricants, which come in tons of different flavours and "don't taste fake," like other lubes might.

    5. The Ohare vibrating cock ring, which is also designed for targeted clitoral stimulation, making it a perfect product for couple play.

    6. This Lelo Ina 2 dual-action vibrator, which has a rabbit-style design and eight different pleasure settings.

    7. The BMS Palm Power Massager, which comes with a super long plug-in cord so you'll never run out of power.

    8. The Fleshlight, which is basically a simulated vagina that lets you build up your sexual stamina.

    9. This bottle of Wicked Hybrid lube, which is not only super slick, but also vegan and latex-friendly.

    10. The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe Next Generation, which gave one BuzzFeed editor "the most intense orgasm she's ever had."

    11. And finally, the Hitachi Magic Wand, which has been one of the bestselling vibrators 30 years in a row for a reason.

    You, very discreetly headed to your room to attend to some ~serious business~ the moment your Amazon package arrives:

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