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15 Of The Best-Selling Beauty Products On Amazon Canada

Carbonated face masks, vibrant lipsticks, and coffee scrubs!

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Amazon has a section called best-sellers that curates everything that Canadians can’t stop buying. And this week, the section is packed full of beauty products!

Here are some of the best-selling beauty products from that section this week:


1. This luxurious seaweed mineral bath that seriously soothes irritated skin.


Promising review: "Excellent product! I loved the way it made my skin feel, even days afterwards. My skin felt smooth and soft. I feel like my skin actually retains moisture better now."– J.M. Keyes

Price: $34.50.

2. These natural lipsticks that are satin-smooth and pack a colourful punch.

Promising review: "These are the only lipsticks I'll be using from now on. My lips are very sensitive and I'm so glad I can finally use a colour on my lips again. I trust anything from Burt's Bees and totally love this product."– Amazon Customer

Price: $9.25. Available in 14 shades.

3. This activated charcoal powder that will tackle those pesky coffee stains.


Promising review: "Having braces, I always felt like no matter what brushes or toothpaste I used, I could never get rid of yellowness on my teeth. That was until I tried this. It's absolutely tasteless and is so easy to apply and brush around, not to mention it's organic. I got a separate brush for it since the charcoal stains the bristles. It's a little messy but for the price, I would definitely recommend giving this a try before busting the bank on a professional treatment that may use harsh chemicals and hurt sensitive teeth."– N. Martin

Price: $18.98.

4. This natural deodorant that will keep you feelin' fresh without any harsh chemicals.

Promising review: "I really can't believe how good this stuff works! I have been on the hunt for a long time for an easy-to-use, effective natural deodorant for a long time now and have FINALLY found it in this. I have only been using it for few days but I go to hot yoga every morning and have NO issues. There is no smell, no more sweat than usual and it's easy to apply. I didn't mind the crystal-type deodorants but I hated the way you have to wet to apply and found they broke over time. This isn't sticky at all and works like a dream!"– KarmenD

Price: $12.99.


5. This carbonated clay mask that CREATES BUBBLES (yes, seriously) on your face for a truly magical experience.


Promising review: "The bubbles were so cool! My mom and I enjoyed watching our faces bubble. It also works great as a makeup remover. It didn't irritate my face and has a nice fresh smell. You don't need to use a lot of it and I think it's going to last a long time."– Peaches_Mango

Price: $4.11.

6. This instant pore eraser that will transform your makeup routine.


Promising review: "I was quite surprised at how well this product works! Having large pores, and damage from adolescent acne and getting severe chicken pox as an adult, this product did a tremendous job of smoothing out my skin, with an immediate and very visible result. I laughed at the product name when I saw it, but now I realize how appropriate it is, as it really DOES make your skin look AND feel like baby skin! Having a marked-up face makes it hard to find a product that smooths my skin without breaking my tiny budget, but this one definitely succeeded."– J

Price: $8.96.

7. This seven-piece metallic brush set that's perfect for beginners.


Promising review: "I was very surprised. I didn't expect much from these because of the price. My first reaction was that they looked like the actual picture. The handles are plastic and the hair is synthetic. These are great! I am very pleased with the amount of product they pick up and the blending of the product."–Amazon Customer

Price: $14.99. Available in gold, silver, pink, and an assorted colour pack.

8. This massaging body brush that will stimulate blood flow while simultaneously exfoliating your skin.


Promising review: "I have owned body brushes that were much too hard or far too soft but this one is just right! The bristles are stiff enough that they keep their shape and actually exfoliate and increase blood flow but they don't hurt or scratch my skin. It also has soft nubs on the other side that are perfect for massaging! The handle is made from wood but is is very smooth so it won't cause splinters. It feels great in my hands and it is long enough that I can reach my back on my own. I also love that it has a rope on the end which is perfect for hanging it in my bathroom."– Jamie

Price: $12.99.


9. This purrfectly adorable headband that will keep your hair from interfering with your beauty routine.

Promising review: "I have bangs, and as most people with bangs know, trying to wash your face without getting your bangs wet is nearly impossible. So, I have been using these headbands to hold my hair out of my face. The only downside is that it took a little while to arrive but these are much cuter compared to some of the other headbands I have used before. If you're on the fence and have been looking for kitty ears headbands I say go for them!"– Sky

Price: $6.56. Available in five colours.

10. This illuminating makeup mirror that can stimulate evening, day, home, and office light.


Promising review: "I bought this because I don't have a very well lit area to put on makeup and I am really glad I purchased it! I love being able to see how I'll look in different lighting situations and the side mirrors are helpful, too. I get more confidence going out knowing how I look from all the various angles and different lighting. When you flip over the main mirror, there's a magnified mirror which useful for plucking eyebrows."– SAE

Price: $37.99.

12. This beard styling guide that gives you a flawless shave and trim, every time.

Promising review: "It's a really handy tool. As my facial hair grew in, and I kept trimming it with the guide, I noticed a difference in the overall look of my beard. It looks great and I'll continue to use it."– Phil D

Price: $14.99.


13. This coffee scrub that will seriously wake up your skin.


Promising review: "I ordered this because I love coffee, I wanted to try a good scrub. It came in a good sized jar and looks really nice. It would make a good gift item for a coffee lover or someone that enjoys shower or bath products. When you open it you can automatically smell an amazing coffee aroma. It smells rich and deep like a really good, expensive cup of coffee. I've used this a few times when I needed a little pick me up and it works. The scrub itself feels lovely. It very gently exfoliates your skin but also moisturises it at the same time without leaving making it feel oily."– Allyson G

Price: $24.95.

14. This 11-pack of face masks that will make your bathroom feel like your very own spa.


Promising review: "Excellent quality masks. They're very hydrating and easy to use. Each pouch comes with lots of product inside and can be used all over your neck too."– Vanessa

Price: $15.42.

*Prices are in Canadian dollars. Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.