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Here Are The 50 Best Quizzes From 2021

Don't worry about feeling bored — I've got 10,000 hours of quizzes for you right here.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's an enormous collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from 2021 — in one place for your convenience. Time to experience the year in review in the only way that matters: through quizzes.

1. I Am Genuinely Curious If You Think These 35 Extremely Divisive Celebrities Deserved to Be Cancelled or Not


Let's see how "normal" your cancelling opinions are. Take the quiz here.

2. Create Your Perfect Boyfriend (or Girlfriend) Using AI Technology


Imagine a better future with no dating apps. Take the quiz here.

3. Say "Yes" or "No" to These Wedding Dresses to Discover Your True Aesthetic

BHLDN / David's Bridal

To tulle or not to tulle? Take the quiz here.

4. If You Check Off More Than 40 of These Things, You Were the Rich Friend Growing Up

The CW / Getty

BRB, grabbing a Voss out of the second fridge in my garage. Take the quiz here.

5. I'm Gonna Ask You 40 Questions About How You Speak — Then I'll Guess Exactly Where You Live


Have you ever told someone to "shut the lights"? Take the quiz here.

6. If You Can’t Guess 50% of the Correct Disney Hairstyles, Then I’m Revoking Your Disney+ Subscription


Rapunzel, Rapunzel... Is that your real hair? Take the quiz here.

7. Here Are 72 Famous People — Tell Us Who You Recognize and We'll Guess Your Age


Two questions is all it takes. Take the quiz here.

8. I Am Genuinely Curious If You Think Netflix's Top-Ranked Shows of 2020 Were Good or Just Time-Killers


The truth will come to light. Take the quiz here.

9. Hey Millennials, How Many of These "Uncool" Things Are You Still Doing, According to Gen Z?


Just me ADULTING while drinking my COFFEE and walking my DOGGO. Take the quiz here.

10. Listen Up, Millennials and Gen Z'ers: If You Can Identify These 17 Famous People, Your Parents Raised You Right


It's time to put your '80s knowledge to the test. Take the quiz here.

11. Choose 10 One-Hit Wonders and We'll Guess Your Age With 91% Accuracy

Atlantic / Custard / Next Selection / Bad Boy

*Automatically adds "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton.* Take the quiz here.

12. If You Can't Correctly Answer These 16 Questions, You Shouldn't Be Handling Food


If you ever thought you were high-maintenance, you've clearly never met a cast-iron skillet. Take the quiz here.

13. These 15 Famous People Always Get Mistaken for Other Celebs – Can You Tell Them Apart?

BBC America

Yes, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jessica Chastain, and Christina Hendricks are all different people. Take the quiz here.

14. This 30-Song Comprehension Exam Will Precisely Estimate Your Age

UMG / Big Machine Records / Sony Music

Every question you answer puts us closer and closer to the year you were born. Take the quiz here.

15. Only People With High IQs Are Smart Enough to Answer These 15 Trick Questions

CBS / Paramount Pictures

It's time to find out how smart you really are. Take the quiz here.

16. Let's Find Out How Much Money You Could Win on a Harry Potter–Themed Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Warner Bros. Pictures / ABC

No lifelines in this one, but real fans won't need them. Take the quiz here.

17. It's Pretty Obvious How Old You Are From the 12-Track Mixtape You Build

Island / Jive / Interscope / Universal / Geffen / EMI

My mix CD is going from "Sweet Caroline" straight into "Get Low." Take the quiz here.

18. I'm Sorry, but If You Can't Name 14/20 of These Celebrities, You're Officially Old


You should know who these people are. Take the quiz here.

19. This "Watched It" or "Skipped It" Disney Quiz Will Reveal If You're an Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert


It says a *lot* about you if you skipped The Emperor's New Groove. Take the quiz here.

20. I'm Genuinely Curious If You Find Paul Rudd Sexier Than These Guys — Like, These Questions Are Harder Than You Think


Paul Rudd or Pete Davidson. The choice is yours. Take the quiz here.

21. Customize 5 Meals to Your Liking to See How Much of a Picky Eater You Are


For me, beans should not come anywhere near nachos. Take the quiz here.

22. You Only Have $1,000 to Plan Your Wedding — Can You Stay Under Budget?


Can't buy me love. Take the quiz here.

23. Your IQ Is Immeasurably Large If You Get Higher Than 80% on This IQ Test


Read it all very carefully. Take the quiz here.

24. Here Are 15 Wedding Dresses – Say "I Do" or "I Don't" to Each, and We'll Reveal What Age You'll Get Married

Kleinfeld / David's Bridal

I can hear the bells already! Take the quiz here.

25. It Might Seem Unlikely, but I Can Guess Your Age Within a Few Years Based on Your Taste in Pop Music

UMG / Darkroom / Interscope Records

Choose between "Cardigan" and "Our Song"! Take the quiz here.

26. This "Are You a Karen?" Quiz Is About to Call Some of Y'all Out


If your haircut doesn't give you away, this quiz will. Take the quiz here.

27. These Men Were at One Time the "Sexiest Men Alive" — I'm Curious If You Find Them Hot in the First Place


Personally, 1994 Keanu wins this one. Take the quiz here.

28. Build a TV Detective Team and We'll Tell You How Likely They Are to Solve Your Murder

NBC / Fox

Choose correctly or risk a cold case! Take the quiz here.

29. I'm Not Saying You're a Bad Cook, But If You've Done 15/21 of These Things, It's Not Looking Good


No five-second rules allowed! Take the quiz here.

30. Are You a Former Gifted Child? Then This Checklist Is Going to Feel Like an Attack and I'm So Sorry


Losing interest in things because you're not immediately good at them? Check. Take the quiz here.

31. When You Hear These Names, Do You Think of the Same TV Characters as Everyone Else?

Freeform / CBS

Not me forgetting every TV show I've ever seen right before taking this quiz. Take the quiz here.

32. The Choices You Make in This Quiz Will Determine Your Dominant Emotion, but Only If You Don’t Lie


Are you motivated by curiosity, spite, or something else entirely? Take the quiz here.

33. Here Are 22 Random Movies That I Think Everyone Needs to See — How Many Have You Watched?

Highland Film Group / T-street Productions

Let's see how good your movie taste really is. Take the quiz here.

34. I’m Gonna Ask You the Names of Your Classmates Growing Up — Then I’ll Guess Your Exact Age


If you think we can't calculate your exact age, think again. Take the quiz here.

35. I'm Gonna Ask You 10 Questions About How You Speak — Then I'll Guess What Country You Live In


Don't freak out when we get it right, OK? Take the quiz here.

36. These Actors Are in Everything, but What Do You Know Them From?


These actors are the backbone of Hollywood. Take the quiz here.

37. Whenever Someone Tells Me They're Smart, These Are the 11 Riddles I Give Them to Prove It


Read each question carefully. Take the quiz here.

38. If You Get 8/10 on This Random Knowledge Quiz, There's No More Room in Your Brain


It's time to put your fingers where the correct answers are. Take the quiz here.

39. Here Are 24 of Your Favorite Disney Characters as Babies, Let's See How Many You Can Identify

Disney / Getty

I'm sorry, but Baby Rapunzel is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Take the quiz here.

41. This Might Sound Kinda Weird, But We Know What Age You'll Get Married by the Wedding Dress You Design

David's Bridal

I can hear the bells already! Take the quiz here

42. You've Seen These 7 Things 1,000 Times, Can You Remember How They Actually Look?


We can tell if you've really been paying attention. Take the quiz here.

43. This Is an Accurate Personality Test — Take It


It's bare bones for more accurate results. Take the quiz here.

44. Here Are 43 Signs of Privilege in How You Eat — How Many Apply to You?


if you think these 43 things are normal for everyone, you're wrong. Take the quiz here.

45. I Bet You Can't Pass This "Friends" Two Truths and a Lie Quiz Without Cheating


The One With Questions Designed to Trick You. Take the quiz here.

46. We Know Which Country You Truly Belong in Based on Your A-Z Food Preferences


BRB, daydreaming about my future vacation. Take the quiz here.

47. We Know Your Mental Age Based on the Home Decor You Choose


It's time to expose your "live, laugh, love" sign. Take the quiz here.

48. Bad News: You've Been Saying These 18 Words and Phrases Wrong for Your Entire Life


Don't take this poll for granite. Take the quiz here.

49. If You Were a Teenager in 2010, You Must've Done At Least 20/60 of These Cringey Facebook Things


Those were the days. Take the quiz here.

50. If You Have Precise Vision, You'll Notice Everything Off in These Pictures


This is for people who can always tell when a painting is crooked. Take the quiz here.

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