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Here Are The 19 Best Quizzes From November 2021

Ready, set, quiz!

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from November 2021 — in one place for your convenience.

1. I Am Genuinely Curious if You Think These 35 Extremely Divisive Celebrities Deserved to Be Cancelled or Not

James Corden on the left with the caption "Deserved to be cancelled"

Let's see how "normal" your canceling opinions are. Take the quiz here.

3. Here Are 24 Of Your Favorite Disney Characters as Babies. Let's See How Many You Can Identify.

Baby Moana on the left and Baby Hercules on the right
Disney / Getty

I'm sorry, but Baby Rapunzel is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Take the quiz here.

4. If You're Hyperintelligent, You'll Get at Least 30/50 on This General Knowledge Quiz

Frank Sinatra on the left

You can say you're smart, but proving it is a whole 'nother story. Take the quiz here.

5. It's Obvious How Old You Are Based on Your Taste in Christmas Movies

Bad Santa
Columbia Pictures / MGM

If you don't pick Elf, you need to reevaluate your life choices. Take the quiz here.

6. Most People Can't Actually Survive on Minimum Wage — This Simulator Will Tell You Whether You Could

Options for groceries including milk, water, coffee beans, orange juice, cheese, and yogurt

The federal minimum wage is literally pennies. Take the quiz here.

7. Here Are 10 Actual "Family Feud" Surveys — Bet You Can't Guess the Right Answers

Jo Jo Siwa playing Family Feud

"Name something that some people are afraid to ride on or in." Take the quiz here.

10. Believe It or Not, but The School Lunch You Order Will Reveal Your True Mental Age

A school lunch tray with fritos, a donut, low-fat chocolate milk, and a mini pepperoni pizza

Remember the cold pizza and milk cartons — a true classic. Take the quiz here.

11. I'm Gonna Ask You to Pick 8/64 of These Disney Movies — Then I'll Guess How Old You Are

Cinderella with her mouth open in shock

If you don't pick The Princess and the Frog, you need to reevaluate your life decisions. Take the quiz here.

13. Order a Bunch of Appetizers and We'll Reveal Your Inner Age

Curly fries on the left and chips and guacamole on the right

Everyone knows appetizers are the best part of a meal. Take the quiz here.

14. We Can Guess Your Generation Based on the 13 Songs You Pick for a Playlist

Olivia Rodrigo on the left and Adele on the right

It all depends on what years you count as "retro." Take the quiz here.

15. Gen Z'ers Hate These Millennial Trends, So I'm Very Curious How You Feel About Them

One question that asks "How do you feel about letting babies and young children use iPads?"

Do you hate the word "adulting" as much as I do? 🙄 Take the quiz here.

16. Let's See if You Can Figure Out the One Picture of Paul Rudd Taken in 2021 Because the Rest Are More Than 10 Years Old

Paul Rudd smiling

It's like Squid Game but with pictures of Paul Rudd's face. Take the quiz here.

18. If You Can't Guess 15/18 of the Correct Disney Hairs, Then You Can Never Watch a Disney Movie Again

Elsa from Frozen

This shouldn't be hair-ribly challenging for real fans! Take the quiz here.