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These Are The Best 21 Quizzes From March 2022

French fries, Love Is Blind, Disney trivia, and more!

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from March 2022 — in one place for your convenience.

1. I Bet You Can't Win A Million On A Harry Potter–Themed Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

2. People Are Divided On Whether These 19 Celebs Are Talented Or Just Have Famous Parents

3. People Are Sharing The Actors Who "Basically Just Play Themselves" In Movies, And I Wanna Know If You Agree Or Disagree

4. I Gathered Some Of The Most Popular Male Celebrities Right Now For A Thirsty Round Of "Smash Or Pass"

5. Pretend You're On Love Is Blind And We'll Reveal The Contestants You're Most And Least Compatible With

6. These 13 Famous People Faced Major Scandals — Do You Think They Deserved It?

7. Here Are 38 Highly Rated Non-R Rated Movies And I'm Genuinely Curious How Many You Have Seen

8. I Doubt You Can Even Make It To $250,000 In This Encanto-Themed Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Quiz

9. Sorry, But There's No Chance You'll Know Who Any Of These Celebrities Are If You Weren't Alive In The '70s

10. People Are Divided On Whether These Celebrities Who Were Born Rich Would Still Be Successful If They Didn't Come From Money

11. Here Are 13 Controversial Things People Do As Customers — Are They Obnoxious Or Reasonable?

12. Thin Eyebrows Are Apparently Back In Style So I Wanna Know If You Prefer These 15 Celebs With Thin Or Thick Brows

13. "I Don't Wash My Nonstick Pans": People Are Revealing Their Shocking Home Kitchen Secrets, And Now I Have Secondhand Food Poisoning

14. This Hunger Games-Themed Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Quiz Is Harder To Win Than The Actual Games

15. Millennials And Gen Z'ers, I Am Genuinely Curious If You Like These 25 Popular Songs From 2012

16. 15 Social Studies-Themed Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Questions For Nerds

17. You Can Only Save One Chain Restaurant For Each Type Of Cuisine

18. This Fish/Mermaid Optical Illusion Is Dividing The Internet (Because The Caption Is Lying To You)

19. We Know Exactly What Percent ~Edgy~ You Were Growing Up Based On How Many Of These Things You Did

20. Your Parents Definitely Thought These Celebrity "Heartthrobs" Were Hot Back In The Day — Do You Have The Same Taste As Them?

21. I Am Genuinely Curious How Many Of These 50 Common (But Now Outdated) Things You Have Done

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