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These Are The 25 Best Quizzes From January 2022 So Far

Well, I know what I'm doing for the next 5,000 hours.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from January 2022 so far — in one place for your convenience.

1. Everyone Has an Encanto Character That Matches Their Personality — Who's Yours?

Disney / BuzzFeed

"Nothing could ever be broken that we can't fix together." Take the quiz here.

2. People Are Calling Out "Wholesome" Things That Are Actually Toxic, and I'm Curious If You Agree

NBC / BuzzFeed

Sorry, but family vlogging is definitely toxic. Take the quiz here.

4. The Names of Your Classmates Growing Up Will Determine Your Exact Age

Paramount Pictures / BuzzFeed

If you had a Brittany or a Chelsea in your class, you're 28. Take the quiz here.

5. We Know How Many People You Banged in 2021 Based on How You Navigate This Dessert Quiz

Columbia Pictures / Getty

Let's find out if your sex life was like a dessert or desert in 2021. Take the quiz here.

6. 59 Famous People Who You Probably Didn't Know Are Actually Related to Each Other...Until Now


I still can't believe Brad Pitt and Barack Obama are really cousins. Take the quiz here.

7. Can We Guess Your Age Based on the Books You’ve Read?

Summit Entertainment / Warner Bros. / BuzzFeed

If you've read any Meg Cabot books, you're entitled to a senior citizen discount. Take the quiz here.

8. Fake Lashes Are Cringey, and 11 Other Controversial Fashion Trend Opinions I Want Your Opinion On

Getty / BuzzFeed

Please, enough of those teeny tiny purses! Take the quiz here.

9. Please Let Me Know Whether or Not These Incredibly Famous Celebrities Give You Good Vibes or Bad Vibes

Getty / BuzzFeed

Trust your gut. Take the quiz here.

10. Here Are 50 Signs of Privilege in How You Eat — Let's See How Many Apply to You

Getty / BuzzFeed

What's normal for you isn't normal for everyone. Take the quiz here.

11. These 15 Famous Characters Were Played by Several Actors, but I'm Curious Who You Think Was the Best

BuzzFeed / Paramount Pictures / Warner Bros. Pictures

I know which Aunt Viv was better, but tell me which actor was the best Joker. Take the quiz here

12. How You Use Everyone Else's Power in Encanto Will Determine Which Power You Get


Hopefully you can handle the gift the candle bestows on you. Take the quiz here.

13. 12 of the Hardest Rounds of "Which of These Delicious Foods Must Go" You'll Ever Play


Warning: There are some really hard, but mouthwatering, choices ahead. Take the quiz here.

14. Custom Design a House With a Million Dollar Budget and We'll Reveal What Type of Guy You're Most Compatible With

Columbia Pictures / BuzzFeed

Let's get you a house and a man! Take the quiz here.

15. Only Millennials Will Be Able to Identify 20/40 of These Early 2000s Pop Stars and Singers

Columbia / Atlantic / BuzzFeed

I'm so sorry for anyone who wasn't alive during this golden era of music. Take the quiz here.

16. Are Your Bra-Wearing Habits Just Like Everyone Else? Let's Find Out


Boob solidarity. Take the quiz here.

17. People Say These 34 Foods Taste Good Both Hot and Cold — But Which Is Better?


The people who say tea is good hot and iced are liars. There is only one correct answer. Take the quiz here.

18. Every Zodiac Sign Has a Perfect Side Hustle — Find Out What Yours Is

NBC / ABC / BuzzFeed

I'm a proofreader sun, website tester moon, mystery shopper rising. Take the quiz here.

19. Relationships Can Be Hard, So Let's See How Your Dating History Compares to Everyone Else

Getty / BuzzFeed

Dating is different for everyone! Take the quiz here.

20. Please Don't Put Salt on More Than 14 of These Foods — I Beg of You


Salt is not a spice. Take the quiz here.

21. Rate These Wedding Dresses Like You're on "Say Yes to the Dress" and We'll Reveal When You’re Getting Married

Summit Entertainment / Getty

Let's find out when you'll be walking down the aisle! Take the quiz here.

22. If You Get to the End of This Sudden Death "Harry Potter" Quiz Then You Deserve to Go to Hogwarts

Warner Bros. Pictures

Do you deserve to go to Hogwarts? Take the quiz here.

23. Gordon Ramsay's Gonna Be MAD If You Do These Morally Questionable Cooking Things


Let's see what you've got cookin'! Take the quiz here.

24. Can We Guess if You're More Introverted or Extroverted Based on the Cozy Home You Build?

Getty / BuzzFeed

I can’t be the only one who wants heated floors. 👀Take the quiz here.

25. Here Are 17 Name-Brand Foods With Different Flavors — I'm Curious Which Ones You Think Are the Best

PepsiCo / NBC

Yellow Starbursts, Vanilla Coke, and Burger King's french fries are the superior options. Take the quiz here.

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