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Here Are The 13 Best Quizzes From April 2022

Raw chicken, Lizzo, and career quizzes. Oh my!

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from April 2022 — in one place for your convenience.

1. Let's See How Accurate This 29-Song Quiz Is at Guessing Your Age

The Killers lead singer singing; Lizzo singing

2. Please Don't Cook for People if You Get Less Than 10/20 on This Quiz

Washing a chicken; a cast-iron skillet

3. People Are Sharing Actors Who "Aren't Acting, Just Playing Themselves," and I Wanna Know if You Agree or Disagree

Awkwafina smiling; Paul Rudd with the words, "He plays the same lovable goofball every movie"

4. This "Eat or Delete" Food Quiz Can Assuredly Guess Your Age

Candy corn with the word "delete"; okra with the word "eat"

5. This Career Aptitude Test Is Scientifically Proven to Reveal Your Dream Job

Sandra Oh in "Grey's Anatomy"; a Scantron test

6. These Are 15 of the Most Talked About Guys in Media Today — Now, Would You Smash or Pass on Them?

Tom Holland and the word "pass"; Jungkook and the word "smash"

7. How Many of These Suuuuuper Popular Movies Have You Actually Seen?

Mei from "Turning Red"; Molly Ringwald in "The Breakfast Club"

8. Here Are 13 of the Most Talked-About Guys From the '90s — Would You Smash or Pass on Them?

Leonardo DiCaprio in a tux; Keanu Reeves smiling

9. If You Don't Recognize 30/40 of These Song Lyrics, Your Parents Didn't Raise You Right

Shania Twain holding a mic; Freddie Mercury smiling

10. Choose Between the Cheapest or Most Expensive Menu Item at These 15 Restaurants

Panera Bread Drive-Thru sign; a drink from Panera Bread

11. It's Going to Be Realllllly Hard, But You Need to Eliminate Appetizers From Each Cuisine

A plate of gyoza; a basket of edamame

12. I'd Be, Like, Totally Buggin' if You Won a Million Dollars on a 2000s Girl-Themed "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"

Ashley Tisdale smiling at a step and repeat; a question mark

13. I Am Genuinely Curious if You Like These 45 Big Hit Songs From the '90s (And I Am Totally Judging You on Some of These)

Ricky Martin in a tux; Britney Spears singing into a mic

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