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23 Of The Most Delicious Desserts To Eat Across Canada

Pack your bags and your sweet tooth.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favourite desserts from coast-to-coast. Here's what they said:


2. Waffles from Nero Belgian Waffle Bar in Vancouver, British Columbia

@gummyegg / Via

"They are so classy and have amazing waffle selections! But almost impossible to go in and out, you'll have to wait 15 minutes for your waffle to be made."

– Christie Yang (Facebook)

5. Marshmallow Mermaid pie from Pie Cloud in Calgary, Alberta

@missjrod / Via

"I love the banana cream pie and key lime pie. But let's be real, I like all the pies at Pie Cloud. They make amazing crusts and fillings and the slices are huge!"

– Kesia Kvill (Facebook)


9. Birthday Cake, Almond Joy, Chocolate Passion Fruit, and Caramel Balsamic doughnuts from Moonshine Doughnuts in Edmonton, Alberta

Moonshine Doughnuts / Via Facebook: moonshinedoughnuts

"You’ve never had doughnut flavours like this before. They have almond earl grey, pear caramel, raspberry rosewater, strawberry black sesame, matcha smore and so many others! Out of this world!"



12. Persians from The Persian Man in Thunder Bay, Ontario

@themintedmama / Via

"A local specialty in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It's like a cross between a doughnut and a cinnamon roll topped with delicious raspberry cream icing. There is a royal debate in our town as to which bakery does them best."

– Lisa Loo (Facebook)

13. Ice cream sandwiches from Baker Bots in Toronto, Ontario

@laurenharasty / Via

"Bakers Bot treats will make you laugh and cry with joy. Whether its my favourite red velvet cupcakes, banana pudding, or their world famous unique ice cream sandwiches. Usually there's a huge lineup in the summer."

– Faria Whokares (Facebook)


15. Nutella Beavertails at the Beavertail Shack on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Ontario

@myfoodadventure / Via

"It's a deep fried dough pastry made to resemble a beaver's tail. But that's not even the best part. You can top it with ANYTHING: Nutella, Reese's Pieces, gummies, peanut butter, jelly, Skor…. it goes on and on. You can’t get more Canadian than a Beavertail."


*Beavertails are also available in other places around Canada, such as Banff National Park in Alberta, British Columbia

16. Vegan chocolate cake with vanilla icing from The Boombox Bakery in London, Ontario

The Boombox Bakery / Via Facebook: theboomboxbakeshop

"It's a really cool vegan bakery that has cupcakes, little cookie sandwiches, and even 'butter' tarts and meringues! I'm not vegan, but I'd take their cupcakes over an egg and milk filled one any day. Food from the Gods."

— Lydia Balogh (Facebook)


19. Coconut white chocolate brownie from Juliette & Chocolat in Montreal, Quebec

@marieltoure / Via

"They have over 20 types of brownies and hazelnut ice cream (plus chocolate and vanilla), all made in-house. Plus a ton of other fancy desserts. It's orgasmic."

– Cheyenne Arnason (Facebook)

21. Chocolate Mud ice cream from COWS in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

@mommyoftwins32 / Via

"It's the best. They have really punny cow and Canadian names for their flavours, like "Messy Bessie," "Wowie Cowie," and "Don Cherry." I make a point of stopping there every time I'm out East!"

– Sarah Sheppard (Facebook)


23. And Moon Mist ice cream from Sugah! and several ice cream stands in Halifax, Nova Scotia

@amandamayclarke / Via

"It's banana, grape, and bubblegum ice cream (which sounds super odd) and it can really only be found in Nova Scotia. I have a friend who moved to Toronto and wanted me to bring a tub with me when I visited. It's the donair of ice cream."

– Katie Draper (Twitter)

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