Here Are The Baby Names "Going Extinct" In 2023

    It's official: "K" names like Kane, Kameron, Kira, and Kenzie are out.

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    BabyCenter has just released a list of names that are plummeting in popularity. These are names that data shows are on a downward trajectory and vanishing from trending baby name lists.

    Dwight Schrute from The Office holding a baby

    In general, it seems like boy names starting with the letter “K” are falling out of favor, but there are a lot of surprising declines too. Here they are:

    1. Hayden

    2. Royce

    3. Khalid

    4. Paige

    5. Nehemiah

    6. Walter

    7. Annabelle

    8. Arjun

    9. Leia

    10. Ariyah

    11. Teagan

    12. Kate

    13. Steven

    14. Kameron

    15. Kane

    16. Kenzie

    17. Ahmed

    18. London

    19. Kian

    20. Alayah

    21. Vanessa

    22. Katherine

    23. Mariam

    24. Seth

    25. Kira

    26. Wade

    27. Hugo

    28. Mira

    29. Hassan

    30. Bradley

    31. Kobe

    32. Adelyn

    33. Hana

    34. Syed

    35. Aniyah

    36. Joy

    37. Ayaan

    38. Makayla

    39. And finally, Kyle

    Ready more about BabyCenter's baby name trends here.

    UPDATE: This post has been reformatted to be a list instead of a poll so as to avoid biased judgments against people's names.