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15 Cool Products Canadians Are Buying On Amazon This Week

This week: Mini projectors, sports bras, and socks with pugs on them!

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Amazon has a list of products called Movers and Shakers which curates items that are ~trending~ in Canada.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from the section this week:


3. These ridiculously adorable socks that feature pugs, huskies, and dachshunds.


Promising review: "These are the cutest socks for any dog lover! After wearing them three times and washing twice, there are no holes or signs of thinning at all. They're super soft and comfortable."– Christy Len

Price: $15.99 for five pairs of socks.

4. This high-impact sports bra that has a sleek racerback and adjustable straps.

Promising review: "I have always been large chested and have had a hard time finding good, supportive sports bras that minimise bounce. As a bigger girl, this becomes especially hard. This bra is awesome and it fits true to the sizing. I was suspicious of the velcro straps, but I haven't had any issues with them. I like that I can tighten and loosen straps without having to take the bra off."– Amazon Customer

Price: $28.19. Available in five colours and sizes 32B to 42E.

5. This mini projector that will transform your bedroom into your very own movie theatre.


Promising review: "I was pleasantly surprised by the brightness of the projector. There are lots of clarity, contrast, and colour settings on the projector to accommodate whatever I will need. I am going to use this for projecting images on walls and canvas for my art projects. I really love watching movies on this."– Sharon G. Handy

Price: $59.99. Also available in black and white.


6. This 3-in-1 kitchen gadget that will split, pit, and slice an avocado in no time.

Promising review: "Love this thing! It felt like such a frivolous purchase at the time but it works so well! The middle section that takes out the pit is probably one of the greatest inventions I've ever seen."– Sabrina Kolbegger

Price: $11.97. Also available in white.

7. This chrome shower caddy that will add some much-needed storage to your bathroom.


Promising review: "It has an excellent design and is well-made. I love the hooks for razors and whatnot, and I especially love the bar that I use to hang my washcloth from. It has a silicone piece at the top that protects shower head, which prevents the metals from scratching. I'm very pleased with this purchase."– avid reader

Price: $16.98. Also available in a bronze finish.

9. This collapsible microwave popcorn popper that will save you money and calories.


Promising review: "I can't believe how well this works. With the microwave set on high and the bottom of popper filled, the corn starts popping incredibly fast. The result – and might I add, without using oil – is fully popped kernels and tender popcorn. It is a breeze to clean too."– Moon Chaser

Price: $23.99.


10. This futuristic charging station that's perfect for anyone who gets nervous when their battery goes below 50%.


It can change up to eight devices at a time.

Promising review:
"This device makes my like so much easier. I absolutely love the fact that there is a place where you can attach the cords so it doesn’t look all messy and nothing gets tangled."– Jlsnumber4

Price: $59.99.

11. This hands-free rack that will keep bags propped up and open so you can put together frozen meals even faster.


Promising review: "Works like a charm! I bought these for my mother as a stocking stuffer for Christmas (she does a lot of cooking and freezing) and she said she can't live without it. She only uses one (it comes in a pack of 2) and she gave the other away to a friend and has been telling everyone about them. She's super happy."– Jessica

Price: $13.30 for a set of two. Also available in a set of four.

12. This booster seat for dogs (yes – seriously) that will help little puppers catch some of that fresh breeze.


It comes with a seatbelt tether that will keep them secure and a machine-washable liner.

Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE this booster seat. It gets my dog up higher and keeps him tethered in so we can have the windows down without fear of him jumping or falling out. He is only 11 weeks old and gets car sick but seems to be much less sick now that he can see everything. I highly recommend this for anyone with a little dog."– Quinn Keeler

Price: $58.39.

13. This waterproof travel bag that can fit all the bathroom essentials and more.

Promising review: "It's a great bag to use for travel. I was able to fit quite a lot of stuff in it, including two full-size shampoo and conditioner bottles, two bottles of sunscreen, two deodorants, two toothbrushes, and a bunch of other stuff."– pjcarrie

Price: $14.99. Available in five colours.


14. This desktop vanity mirror that will magnify your makeup routine.


Promising review: "I'm short-sighted, and putting on mascara is not the easiest thing to do when you don't even see what's written on your computer's screen without your glasses. This one has long-lasting LED lights and the lighting is just perfect. It allows me to have a perfect enlightenment when putting on my makeup even if I'm bent over my bathroom's counter."– cduf60

Price: $35.99.

15. And finally, these stick-shaped cheese PRINGLES.


Promising review: "Don't buy these! Your kids will keep stealing them from the school lunch snack cupboard and it will make you angry. But seriously. They are delicious, delicate and delightful."– Brad

Price: $2.25. Also available in honey butter and pizza flavour.

Note: Prices are in Canadian dollars. Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.