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23 Apps That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Get your shit done.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the apps that make their lives easier. Here are their super-helpful recommendations:

1. Habitica (free, iOS, Android) is a task manager that feels more like a ~game~ than a daunting chore list.

HabitRPG, Inc

"It’s like a bullet journal except it's designed like an old-fashioned RPG game. You get gear, equipment, XP, pets, and you can be on a team with friends!" –pinestories

"Habitica has actually helped me make a bunch of little improvements in my life… and stick with them." –katherineh5

2. Clue (free, iOS, Android) is a period tracker that predicts when your next period is coming so you don't have to hold a funeral for your fave pair of undies.


"It tracks everything from your periods to your moods, and it even how many times you get it on. Now when my doctor asks when my last period was, I am able to give them the correct date!" –meghans404e6880b

3. Schoolhub Students (free, iOS, Android) is the ultimate tool for helping you manage your ~academic~ life.


"You can add stuff on your phone or computer and it keeps everything organized. It even gives you updates when you have stuff due. It's so easy to keep everything in one place, where I can access it all the time!" –brettsisaacs

4. Talkspace (free to download, iOS, Andriod) is a therapy and counseling app that will connect you directly with a certified professional.


"It’s the only way I would ever be able to have a therapist while living abroad. It costs $128 per month, but it’s text-based, so it’s worth it. Having a meltdown? Just fire off a quick message to your therapist and they’ll respond ASAP. Honestly saved my life." –joannam47cf21502

5. Venmo (free, iOS, Android) is an app that lets you transfer money to your friends instantly, without worrying about cash.


"It can also remind them to pay you back, without being annoying." –re1392

6. Mealime (free, iOS, Android) is a meal-planning app that helps you cook something healthy without spending five hours doing it.


"It’s the best meal-planning app out there. It lets you choose how much meat you eat, exclude any foods you dislike, and pick out what you want to eat! It then gives you a grocery list and the (super-easy) recipes in the app! The best part? They’re all under 30 minutes and super tasty!" –maddiec6

7. GasBuddy (free, iOS, Android) will guide you to the cheapest gas in the area without wasting actual gas.


"I’m a broke and busy lady so before I set out on errands or a lunch break, I check my fuel gauge then the app. You can refine by price or location so you don’t have to spend forever driving around looking for the cheapest gas." –juliepicks

8. LokLok (free, Android) is an app for long-distance couples or BFFs to leave notes on each other's lock screens.


"You can also leave yourself notes and reminders over your lock screen so it’s the first thing you see when you turn on your phone. Absolute lifesaver!" –jacqolantern17

9. Slader (free, iOS) is the perfect study buddy for students who prefer to see step-by-step solutions.


"I used it for calculus, and it will show me step-by step-how to do a problem, but they have it for tons of subjects and textbooks!" –jennacorleyc

10. Quality Time (free, Andriod) helps you monitor and get real-time data on how much time you spend on your phone.

Quality Time

"It tells you how much you’re using your phone and tracks things like the number of times you unlock it and the time you spend in each app. You can ‘take a break’ and get stuff done when you’re constantly being distracted by your phone." –bibioftheshire

11. Vent (free, iOS, Android) is a community-based app that will let you express your feels and connect with others.


"It’s great if you just really need to, well, vent. Plus you can find some really cool people."–dayannnna

12. Digit (free, iOS, Android), which will turn serial spenders into serial savers in no time.

Hello Digit, Inc

"It automatically takes money from your checking account and puts it in the app as savings. It sounds more scary than it its. It's FDIC-insured, and you can put custom limits, like not letting it take out anything if your checking account is less than $400." –Vanessa Prat, Facebook

13. Waterlogged (free, iOS, Android) tracks your water intake, making sure you're always hydrated even at the busiest of times.


"I work with kids and my days are hectic, so I like being able to stop once in a while and add my water intake and/or to view my water and liquid intake so I don't become dehydrated." –Shannon LeBlanc, Facebook

14. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (free, iOS, Android) is an intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and pinpoints the best time to wake you up.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

"It’s the best alarm clock app around. You set a half-hour period of when the best time would be to be woken up, and it tries to wake you up during the ~lightest~ phase, so you never have to get up during a deep sleep ever again." –tarad19

15. Hopper (free iOS, Android) will save you serious money by finding the best time to buy plane tickets.


"I was looking for round-trip flights to Ireland and was getting results of like $1,000+ (which is what I expected). Someone told me to use Hopper and now I have round-trip airfare to Dublin for $623! That's $400 in savings that I can spend on fun times in Dublin! Boom!" –Kelli Diane, Facebook

16. Foodgawker (free, iOS) will help you take your cooking game to the next level.


"When you have zero inspiration when it comes to dinner time, but want to know what you can make with the ingredients left in your fridge." –Rosetintedkill

17. Evernote Scannable (free, iOS) can scan contracts, receipts, business cards, and whatever else you usually find crumpled in the bottom of your bag.


"It is a document scanner for your phone and works quickly without any effort. It can create PDFs that you can email right away or save as well as creating images you can email or save to your camera roll." –allisonh49d40a145

18. Cozi Family Organizer (free, iOS, Android) will keep your fam organized and on the same page, even if things change.


"It makes grocery shopping easy by sharing a list with my husband and being able to sort by aisle or category. Also, if you select a recipe, it will auto-populate your grocery list with ingredients!" –dgalante2411

"This app is a lifesaver." –d489be5b80

19. MyFitnessPal (free, iOS, Android) is a diet and exercise tracking app with a built-in barcode scanner.


"It's a calorie counter stocked with thousands of brand names and restaurant meals. It also allows you to input calories from exercise, and gives you a daily projection of how much you would weigh in five weeks if you stuck to it every day. And there is a community you can patch into for questions or motivation. And it's all FREE." –catherinec42f677501

"I just started using it and has made counting calories and losing weight so much easier." –karleediane

20. Ovia Fertility Tracker & Ovulation Calculator (free, iOS, Android) simplifies all the things that come along with trying to have a baby.


"When I was trying to get pregnant I found Ovia Fertility to be very helpful. Not only does it help you narrow down when you might be ovulating and how long your average cycle is, it also helps you track symptoms. And now that I finally got pregnant, I really like its Ovia Pregnancy app too!" –raptorpug

21. Dollarbird (free, iOS, Android) is a financial app that will make sure you're organized AF instead of broke AF.


"This app has saved my budget AND sanity. You enter every purchase and categorize it, and then it keeps you up to date with your balance. I've had it for over two years now and swear by it. Best part is it's free!" –Chelsea Margaret Bradley, Facebook

22. Twilight (free, Android) is a screen-dimmer app that's perfect for people who love to stay up late.


"It reduces the blue-colored light in the screen, and the timer can be set to start screen dimming at sunset. The app is nice for everybody who wants to use phone at night without eyes hurting from the bright light." –birb

"It’s a lifesaver for people with chronic migraines like myself." –LilyNicole16

23. And finally, Google Keep (free, iOS, Android) is the app for people who want see all of their reminders, notes, and checklists with a single glance.


"Very simple, but Google Keep helps me with so much. I can put tags on my notes, make lists, drag and sort notes, and have a place to type a quick note to myself. Hear a song I want to download later? Keep. Need to make a quick grocery list? Keep."–abbyraye

Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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