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16 Animals In Canada Who Are Sick And Tired Of Being Ignored

Why do polar bears, moose and beavers get all the love? Here are some animals you should really caribou-t.

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1. "I look like an delightful combination of panda and weiner dog." – Black-Footed Ferret

2. "All I hear about is geese, geese, geese and I'm on your goddam currency so yeah, I'm kinda a big deal." – Loon


3. "I'm basically the Canadian lion and I look majestic AF. Plus I have adorable giant paws for my size." – Canada Lynx

4. "I invented ~Blue Steel~ and I may look grumpy (even when I'm a baby owl) but that just makes me more fierce." – Great Horned Owl


11. "No. I am not a glorified squirrel." – Prairie Dog

Did we forget other adorable Canadian animals that deserve to be celebrated? Write a love letter to them in the comments below!


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