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    23 Things Under $50 That Will Make Adulting A Little Bit Easier

    Yes, you can still call your mom every two minutes. OBVIOUSLY.

    1. A TubShroom first and foremost, because why don't you have this already?! It's a game-changing strainer that will keep any hair from clogging your shower drain.

    2. A tub of heavy-duty cleaning wipes, because these'll conquer scary messes wherever they happened — including on your carpet.

    3. A pack of pimple patches for tackling adult acne once and for all by extracting impurities from the zit overnight and reducing the lifetime of your breakout faster than you can say pop.

    4. A pack of floss picks, because it's high time you have a positive dentist appointment. It's also time you eat salads without wondering how much of it is in your teeth (though maybe you should stick to pizza, just in case).

    5. A personal blender with a detachable bottle so you can start every morning at work with a full stomach (important!) by quickly making a satisfying smoothie, even if you're running a little late. No dishes, no overpriced juices.

    6. A leakproof and insulated lunch bag that will actually motivate you to bring leftovers to work. Prepare to be amazed at how much money you save!

    7. A Revlon gel top coat that'll let you keep your hands polished and manicured for the office without the usually expensive gel mani. No one will know the difference.

    8. A desktop organizer for under your monitor, because this'll both clean up your usual clutter to help you FINALLY focus *and* make your desk look promotion-ready.

    9. A toilet stamp and cleaning gels that will keep your toilet sparkling without the dreaded bathroom *doody*. It cleans every time you flush, making this every lazy adult's dream come true.

    10. These watering globes that'll encourage you to buy at least *one* house plant this year. This'll make sure it gets watered — all you need to do is stick it near the sun and say a small prayer.

    11. A bottle of Garnier micellar water for easily removing makeup, purifying pores, and cleansing your skin, even if you "forgot" to wash your face again. Growing up apparently means not going to bed with makeup on anymore. Sad face.

    12. A bottle of white touch-up paint so you can quickly fix any scuff marks on your wall or furniture to make your space look as neat and put-together as possible.

    13. A pair of mesh laundry bags that'll upgrade your washing routine from "hope I don't ruin all my bras" to "wow, my delicates last so long now." We're still never going to do a separate load, so this'll do the trick.

    14. A roll-up drying rack, because this'll save counter space in small kitchens (hello, every apartment) and streamline that pesky chore of washing dishes when everything can stay in one place.

    15. And a handy dishwasher magnet to communicate with roommates whether the dishes are clean or dirty — or it can serve as a much-needed reminder to yourself to run the dishwasher.

    16. An attachable aerator to transform cheap wine into the fanciest-tasting adult juice you've ever had. It infuses oxygen to release the vino's ~aromas~ and bolden the taste right out of the bottle — so basically your leftover pizza is about to get a very upscale pairing.

    17. A wireless charging pad, because you are TOO OLD to be asking people if they have a charger. It's also time to outgrow trying to deal with frayed wires.

    18. A bestselling grocery list notepad that has a magnetic back to put on the fridge so it's almost impossible to forget to use.

    19. A Swiffer wet and dry mop so you can rely on the easiest solution to picking up the dirt, hair, and other grime that's been living on your floor. If you hate cleaning, this will make it as painless as possible so you feel like you're living in an actual home and not a dorm.

    20. A set of plastic drawer organizers that'll declutter your bathroom, desk, vanity, really whatever needs the most help. Being a grown-up = knowing where your toothbrush is.

    21. A habit-breaking polish that'll finally put an end to your nail biting. I know adulting is super stressful, but enough is ENOUGH.

    22. A set of Downy wrinkle release spray bottles for anyone who just knows ironing is never going to happen. This will quickly get the job done and no one will be the wiser. Crumpled blouse = no adult sticker.

    23. And finally, this mini knife sharpener so those inexpensive knives you've had since first year of university are suddenly usable again. Good news: you can cook now! I'm sure you're thrilled.

    Being an adult really just means you're allowed to do this: