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23 Adorably Awkward Things Shawn Mendes Tweeted In 2015

"How do i do the chipmunk thing on snapchat??"

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BuzzFeed Canada / Rich Polk / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @ShawnMendes

1. On automobiles:

2. On letting you know how inspired he is:

3. On things that are timeless:

4. On asking for help:

How do i do the chipmunk thing on snapchat??

5. On expressin' his feelings:

Sometimes i think im crazy, im CRAZY OH SO CRAZY!

6. Like, seriously:

7. On his "sleep game":

Sleep game sucked last night, today ill have all the coffee again

8. On being a little late to Netflix fandom:

9. On his favourite foods:

10. On reacting to people who don't know what Mr. Noodle is:

11. On his secret Internet preferences:

Im always accidentally liking the worst most foul things on vine

12. On being a shit disturber:

My dad doesn't know how to change his wallpaper. So me and my sister found a picture of a infected toe and now he's stuck with it. LOL

13. On honesty:

Vegas you're a little too intense for me. Im going back to Canada

14. On the human body:

15. On laughing at his own joke:

Ive been playing guitars for 3 hours straight. "whiplash" messes me up. The movie not actual whiplash, that'd be weird haha

16. On greetings:

17. On travelling:

18. On his relaxation practices:

19. On exposing his sister's hidden talents:

My sister can lick her elbow. This is insane

20. On being self conscious:

Legs have been sore for 3 days. I walk like an idiot. Everyones looking i know it. Hahah

21. On wondering if stuff is cool:

22. On his writing process:

23. And lastly, on Eminem?