14 Life Hacks That I'm Kicking Myself For Not Thinking Of First

    "Use an old pillow case to clean ceiling fans with as little mess as possible. Just put the pillow case over the fan blade and wipe all the dust into the pillow case. It keeps the dust and fuzz from flying around the room."

    I'm the kind of person who loves a good "life hack," but most of the ones I see online are really more like five-day DIY projects that involve a rotary saw, a bag of balloons, and 20 pool noodles. I really just want simple things that I can do every day that make my life easier. I've written a handful of life hacks posts already, and ya'll seem to enjoy them, so let's keep them coming!

    Screenshot of BuzzFeed comments

    So, here's your fresh batch of actually doable hacks from the r/lifehacks subreddit, as well as the comments from my previous posts:

    1. "When we used a stroller for my kids, I used to put shower caps over the stroller wheels when putting it in the car trunk or bringing it the house. It saved the mucky wheels from causing a mess in the car and on my floors."


    2. "If you're struggling to put on a bracelet, just put tape on one end and connect the other side."

    Someone with tape on their bracelet

    3. "If you know that a storm or hurricane is coming to your area, fill up as many containers as possible with water and stick them in your freezer. In the event you have a power outage, it will help keep your frozen food frozen for longer. Hopefully, by the time you get power restored, you haven't lost a freezer full of food."


    "Plus, if there’s a problem with the municipal water after the storm, you have water to drink!"


    4. "When making meatloaf, add boxed stuffing mix. It'll act as your bread binder AND seasoning."


    5. "If you use disposable hand warmers/foot warmers and don’t need them for the full 8-10 hours they’re active, put them in a Ziploc freezer bag, and squeeze all the air out. The heat is from a reaction with the air, so sealing it up will save it for later!"


    6. "Rub a walnut on damaged wooden furniture to cover up dings. I tried it for the first time today, and it worked."

    Before and after photos of a wooden leg with a walnut used to treat the wood

    7. "I use an old Tic Tac container to hold bobby pins and sometimes jewelry when I'm traveling."


    "I use a small pill organizer for my earrings."


    8. "My wife just had a surgery and needed to ice regularly for the following days. All the ice packs we had were too large, and I couldn't find one that was quite right at the store, so I MacGyver'd her one out of Orbeez and a vacuum sealer bag that's just the right size."

    A makeshift ice pack

    9. "When I’m moving into a new place, I use these packing hacks to make it less miserable. I pack all my heavy books and shoes/boots into my suitcases. Then, when boxing up plates, bowls, anything that’s thick glass, I use my sleepwear and gym clothes to wrap it in. And finally, I use large trash bags to pack any hanging clothes. Just scoop your clothes that are hanging on hangers into the trash bag, use the ties to loop the ends of the hangers, and tie them together. It makes unloading clothes into your new home's closet so much easier, no unfolding or hanging required."


    "Once I discovered moving boxes with rails for hanging clothes, my life was forever changed."


    10. "I had to add a large amount of fresh pepper to a dish and grabbed my drill. It worked like a charm."


    11. "Put a teaspoon or two of baking soda in your water when you boil eggs. It makes the shells come off much easier."


    12. "When your grocery cart is full, but you still need to pick up drinks, you can do this":

    Drinks in a grocery basket

    13. "Use an old pillow case to clean ceiling fans with as little mess as possible. Just put the pillow case over the fan blade and wipe all the dust into the pillow case. Keeps the dust and fuzz from flying around the room."


    And finally...

    14. "I remove frozen items from the boxes they come in and just cut the cooking instructions out, then place them in bags. It saves so much room in my freezer!"

    A packed freezer

    Now, it's your turn! What's a life hack that you started doing that has improved your daily life? Comment below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.