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    Here Are Magical Photos From Inside The Harry Potter Bar

    Yes, they have "Butterbeer."

    Remember hearing about that Harry Potter-themed bar that opened in Toronto? Well, it looked so goddamn enchanting that we needed to swing by and find out more.

    Welcome to The Lockhart, a cozy bar that will conjure up all your nostalgic feelings for the wizarding world.

    Ever dream of meeting your fellows Gryffindors for a cocktail? Dream no longer. This place will put a spell on you and make any hardcore Harry Potter fan drunk in love.

    The small, exposed-brick bar serves up hand-crafted cocktails made with house-infused liquors. One of their most popular drinks is "The Shacklebolt," a spiced rum and ginger-beer-based cocktail.

    Other popular drinks on their menu include a sharing cocktail called "Befuddlement draft" which comes served in a glass cauldron and a gin cocktail called "Ludo's Debt."

    "Yes, we have a butterbeer-inspired drink," says Matthew Rocks, one of the owners responsible for bringing all your Harry Potter fantasies to life. "It's not on the menu but we serve up our version of it. The drink changes depending on who's making it."

    “My business partner is a big mixologist so that’s where the potions and alchemy side came from and I’m honestly just a huge Harry Potter fan,” he told BuzzFeed Canada.

    “People come in and ask if I’m a fan so I just point to my tattoos. They want to see if I'm on their level."

    "And its great for me because I get to bartend and just talk about Harry Potter all night long."

    And the patrons are just as into theme as the staff. “On the second day after opening, a guy came dressed in full Slytherin robes. We’ve also had cosplayers and someone came as Ron circa Half Blood Prince in his full Quidditch uniform,” said Rocks.

    Customers are more than welcome to bring their wands and robes.

    There are subtle nods to the books hidden all around the bar, like this tiny Dobby figurine poking out from the infused spirits behind the bar top.

    Or this Deathly Hallows symbol made from electrical wires that's hiding up on the ceiling.

    There's also some some less-subtle symbolic decor like the huge painting of Harry's Patronus.

    And even though Moaning Myrtle isn't there, the bathroom is still pretty magical.

    Customers are encouraged to take to the walls with chalk and write and draw whatever they want.

    “This is a great place for people who might be uncomfortable going to busy bars or cocktail bars. It’s not intimidating here and we’re always down to chat with everyone,” said Rocks.

    Another faint chalk message read, "I am still alive because of Harry Potter."

    The bar plans on serving brunch and hosting trivia nights in the near future but for the meantime, they're focusing on throwing a huge Halloween party.

    "We're serving up versions of a Pepperup Potion and Amortentia. We're also doing a twist on a Dark N' Stormy where we're going to use pumpkin juice as our wheat spicer," said Rocks.

    Accio a stiff drink!

    Check out their website for a full drink menu.