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    People Who Grew Up In The '90s Are Sharing Phrases That Newer Generations Will NEVER Understand

    "Get off the phone; I need to use the internet!"

    Reddit user Lycanfyre recently asked, "What is a phrase or a sentence from the '90s that would make no sense to the newer generation today?" and the responses are putting my '90s baby memory into overdrive.

    Here are some of the top-voted and best responses:

    1. "Would you like to sit in Smoking or Non-Smoking?"

    George Costanza on a date with a woman who smokes in "Seinfeld."

    2. "Have you tried blowing in it? Sometimes that works."

    Nintendo 64

    3. "Get off the phone; I need to use the internet!"

    A woman using an older desktop computer.

    4. "Let’s watch some music on MTV."

    A rap group posing for a picture.

    5. "Be kind, rewind."

    A woman putting a tape into the VCR.

    6. "Wind it back up with a pencil."

    A person winding up a cassette tape with a pencil.

    7. "I can’t call till after 9 p.m."

    The cast of the "Clueless" show laying in a bed and using a phone.

    8. "There's a phone book; now start dialing."

    A woman using a phone book.

    9. "If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and try again. If you need help, hang up and then dial your operator."

    A woman using a landline phone.

    10. "All that and a bag of chips."

    A bag of Doritos and Rider Strong.

    11. "Don't touch that dial; we'll be right back."

    A family sitting in the living room and watching TV.

    12. "I got a cordless phone for Christmas!"

    A woman using a cordless phone.

    13. "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire."

    A group of people dancing at a night club.

    14. "That 29-inch TV is huge."

    A boy sitting in front of a television set showing "Beavis and Butt-Head."

    15. "Time to AskJeeves where I can buy a 12-pack of floppy disks."

    The front page of the AskJeeves website.

    16. "Get the number from the Rolodex."

    A Rolodex sitting on a desk.

    17. "Page me."

    A woman laying in the grass reading and using a pager.

    18. "You've got mail."

    A woman using an older desktop computer.

    19. "Talk to the hand!"

    Britney Spears holding her doll.

    20. "OK, I got the phone. Hang up!"

    Chris Farley using a landline strapped to his head.

    21. "What's the 411?"

    The cast of "Clueless," the movie.

    22. "5318008."

    A calculator.

    And finally...

    23. “Shut up, I need to record this song so that it can be my ringtone."

    An older Nokia cell phone.

    Did we miss any? Comment them down below!