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    20 Reasons Why Canadian Public Transportation Isn't So Bad After All

    Most of the reasons are dogs.

    1. It's a place where a bus driver can give a lost dog a lift home.

    Keiko the wandering husky snags bus ride home Kudos to @hfxtransit driver Gerry O’Donnell!

    2. And where you can hang out with some tiny commuters.

    3. It's a place where you can make a friend for life.

    4. And join an impromptu game of Twister.

    5. It's a place where you can witness your two favourite superheroes face off in a chin-up contest.

    6. And where an improv team could make your day a little better by dressing up like flight attendants and giving out snacks, blankets, and newspapers.

    7. It's a place where future guide dogs can curl up and have a power nap.

    Future @LFCDogGuides Kermit & Duckie getting a little exposure to #TTC subway #InternationalGuideDogDay @bradTTC

    8. And where a musician can use his talents to calm a crying baby.

    9. It's a place where a group of riders can band together and make their boring commute to work, a little less boring.

    10. And where a stranger could do something nice for people in their community.

    The bus stop "living room" on 96 Ave NE--relax while you wait for the bus. Cookies showed up today.

    11. It's a place where you can get home safe after having a couple beers at the game.

    12. It's a place where you can spot something ridiculously adorable.

    13. Or just take a ride on something that looks ridiculous.

    14. It's a place where you could met a hero like this streetcar rider, who rescued a cat stuck on a roof when the city refused to.

    15. And somewhere you could meet your childhood heroes.

    16. It's the place where a stranger in Surrey, B.C., gave a needy bus rider the shoes off his feet.

    17. And it's the perfect spot to take a snooze with your best friend.

    18. It's a place where you could spend a quiet moment alone.

    19. And rest your head.

    This fox was found sleeping on the seat of an OC Transpo bus in Ottawa this morning.

    20. Lastly, it's the place where you could meet your lifelong travel buddy.

    Oops! The Canadian doctor rescued someone who fell on the subway tracks in Washington, D.C. An earlier version misstated the location as Canada so it was removed from this post.