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    18 GIFs That Prove Hockey Fans Are The Best Fans

    GIFs, goals, and glory.

    1. This hardcore fan.

    Reddit / Via

    2. These morph-suit guys.

    Total Pro Sports / Via

    3. When these fans from opposing nations came together...

    Giphy / Via

    ...and shared a beautiful moment.

    Giphy / Via

    4. This cheering baby.

    Pinterest / Via

    5. This guy who decided to test his lung capacity.

    Reddit / Via

    6. This girl.

    Total Pro Sports / Via

    7. This anonymous fan who knows nothing.


    8. This poor fan who is clearly suffering from a broken heart.

    Reddit / Via

    9. And this guy who isn't happy about that last goal.

    10. This woman who is equally disappointed.

    Total Pro Sports / Via

    11. This father and son duo who witnessed a hockey miracle.

    Giphy / Via

    12. These fist pumping fans.


    13. This excited little guy.

    NHL / Via

    14. This guy's dance moves.


    15. This fan who was fortunate to be sitting behind protective glass.

    SNE / Via

    16. This young fan whose hockey dream came true.

    17. This unfortunate soul who decided to hang in there.

    18. And hockey fans everywhere who cheer their faces off for the teams they love.

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