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17 Moments When Paris Geller From "Gilmore Girls" Was Totally Relatable

Where she leads, I will follow.

Paris is totally relatable...

1. When you get home from school.

2. When you're waiting for the bus.

3. When you show up late to a party.

4. When you think about your future.

5. When you respond to dumb questions.

6. When you hang out with your friends on a Friday night.

7. When you have to work on a group project.

8. When people question your decisions.

9. When you face the reality of your situation.

10. When you get approached by a creepy dude.

11. When you point out the obvious.

12. When you go to any social gathering.

13. When you think about your generation.

14. When you have a near-death experience.

15. When you wonder if you act too old for your age.

16. When you are surrounded by couples.

17. And when you react to seeing your classmates.

Thanks Paris. You rock; don't ever change.