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14 Fierce Contributions Miranda Priestly Has Made To GIF Culture

You devil you.

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1. When your mom asks how your day was. / Via Giphy

2. When you are waiting for a website to load. / Via Giphy

3. When you and your group of friends show up late to a party.

4. When your friend insists on going to the gym no matter what.

5. When you try to warn your guy friend. / Via Giphy

6. When you wake up anytime before noon.

7. When you get stuck in an elevator with that one person you constantly try to avoid. / Via Giphy

8. When your professor assigns homework the first week of class.

9. When your dad tries to act cool infront of you and your friends. / Via Giphy

10. When you watch award show red carpet specials. / Via Giphy

11. When you've won any kind of argument.

12. When you see people talking on bluetooth headsets. / Via Giphy

13. When you see overly affectionate couples in public. / Via Giphy

14. Whenever you do anything really.

We really can't thank her enough.

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