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    13 Things Scott Disick Could Teach Us About Self-Confidence

    Lord Disick is here to solve all your peasant problems.

    It's a tough world out there. / Via Giphy

    Luckily Lord Disick is here to help.

    1. First, tap into the confidence you were born with.

    2. Don't be shy about your musical talents.

    3. Take pride in your family history.

    4. Be honest with yourself.

    5. Don't be intimidated by others.

    6. Put yourself out there and make new friends. / Via Giphy

    7. Dress to impress. / Via Giphy

    8. Just keep soaring.

    9. Stand up for what you believe in. / Via Giphy

    10. Don't be afraid to tell others how you feel. / Via Giphy

    11. Dance like no one's watching.

    12. Act like every day is a new opportunity.

    13. Work with what you got.

    Thank you, Scott, for taking the time to help us mere peasants.

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