12 Reasons Sitting Behind Newlyweds On A Flight Is The Worst

Dear lovebirds, please fly far far away from me.

1. Hearing them ask the flight attendant if they have champagne

ign.com / Via Giphy

2. Seeing them kiss through the gap in the headrests

realitytvgifs.tumblr.com / Via RealityTVGIFs

3. Overhearing their sweet whispers

mcbrayers.tumblr.com / Via RealityTVGIFs

4. Giggling

realitytvgifs.tumblr.com / Via RealityTVGIFs

5. Watching them take selfies together

6. Seeing them feed each other airplane food

7. Watching them gaze out the window together

8. Overhearing her say “That’s my hubby!” everytime he does something remotely active

9. Reclining both their chairs at the same time, scaring the crap out of the people behind them

buzzfeed.com / Via Giphy

10. Disturbing the rest of the plane and your stomach while play fighting with eachother

reactiongifs.com / Via Giphy

11. Clapping and kissing when the plane lands

hellomymoodis / Via Giphy

12. And lastly, for making you feel like this

happyholidayhungergames / Via Giphy

Damn you and your love.

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