11 Signs You Have No Idea Whats Happening On “Pretty Little Liars”

Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?

1. You’re completely obsessed and tune in every single week.

pllgifs.tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

You own this show.

2. But suddenly, it’s all become just too much for you.

teen.com / Via Teen

Life shattered.

3. You just sit there after every episode whispering to yourself.

Is Alison alive? Is Ezra “A”? Did everyone just forget Mona was a psycho?

4. You used to be the resident PLL expert but now you’re just a nobody.


5. When your friends talk about it you just stand there like.

pllgifs.tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

Mhmmm yes totally.

6. You finally work up the courage to ask whats going on and you get this reaction.

wifflegif.com / Via Wiffle Gif


7. You call your friends during the commercials to try and piece together it all.

degrassi.wikia.com / Via Wikia

What is all this Ravenswood business?

8. Your brain physically cannot process another plot twist.


9. You know some of your friends are clueless too but they won’t admit it.

Trust no one.

10. You lash out when people accidentally reveal spoilers.

Violent outbursts of fangirl rage.

11. And just when you think you finally know what’s happening, they introduce another character.


But no matter how confused you get, you know you still love it.

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