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10 Quotes That Prove Myrtle Snow From "American Horror Story: Coven" Is Totally Badass

It's always Fiona, Fiona, Fiona!

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1. When she totally exposed this chick for her lack of style. / Via Tumblr

2. When she stated an obvious fact. / Via Tumblr

3. When she confronted Fiona using this fierce metaphor. / Via Spoilers TV

4. When she proved to be a master of revenge. / Via Blog Chron

5. When she put on lipstick before getting burned at the stake. / Via Slag

6. When she offered to do Cordelia a gruesome favor. / Via Cult Popture

7. When she was a vulnerable little butterfly and you wanted to hug her. / Via Tumblr

8. When she complimented some unique décor. / Via Tumblr

9. When she revealed how her hair grew back so quickly. / Via Tumblr

10. When she said this. / Via Tumblr

She might not be the next supreme but she's definitely a fabulous queen.

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