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10 Life Lessons You Learned From "School Of Rock"

Math is a wonderful thing. Math is a really cool thing.

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1. Rules were made for breaking. / Via Paramount Pictures

Stick it to The Man!

2. Express yourself and your opinions. / Via Paramount Pictures


3. The best lessons are the ones you teach yourself. / Via Paramount Pictures

Hells yeah.

4. Be completely honest with yourself and others. / Via Paramount Pictures

Nailed it.

5. Don't take shit from anybody. / Via Paramount Pictures

Dewey Finn 4ever.

6. Find what you love and never let it go. / Via Paramount Pictures

Now raise your goblet of rock!

7. You don't have to defend the fact that you sleep in every single day. / Via Paramount Pictures

You're welcome.

8. Educating the next generation is super important. / Via Paramount Pictures

See you in detention Freddy.

9. Respect all the rock gods who came before you. / Via Paramount Pictures

We salute you.

10. And never forget to take risks. / Via Paramount Pictures

And the legend of the rent was way hardcore!

I think we can all agree that Mr. Schneebly would have the highest rating on ever.

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