15 Cartoon Characters With Beauty Looks To Steal IRL

These animated chicks all know their way around a makeup counter.

1. Princess Jasmine

Jasmine knows when you’re rocking a serious cat eye you should keep the rest of your look simple — just a light touch of lip stain and an AMAZING voluminous ponytail. (No Bumpits were harmed in the making of this hairstyle.)

2. Jem (and the Holograms)

No one does a party look like Jem and the gang. That smokey purple eye means business.

3. Jane Lane

Pale skin + vampy dark lipstick = perfection.

4. Charlotte Pickles

Angelica’s workaholic mom isn’t afraid to go bold at the office with porcelain skin, purple eyeshadow and very berry lips.

5. Lana Kane

The Archer lady goes for ’60s inspired glam: a pale pink lip, heavy mascara, and a flippant hair flip.

6. Ursula the Sea Witch

Props for her malevolent scheming and her bold use of color: Light green and aqua shadow with a fire-engine-red lip on purple skin is no easy combo to pull off. So never underestimate the power of body language, or of a varied palette.

7. Lurleen Lumpkin

The Simpsons songstress masters a truly admirable hairstyle comprised of bangs, a headband, a serious pouf, and a low pony. She tops it all off with a candy-pink lip shade for a sugar-sweet look.

8. Megara

It takes a girl with serious confidence to match her eye shadow to her dress just so. (Not to mention to work with such seriously sculpted bangs.)

9. Anastasia

A flawless formal look. Every princess should aspire to look this elegant for royal balls and other evening affairs.

10. Edna Mode

The Incredibles’ Edna Mode proves you don’t need a stitch of makeup when your blunt-bangs-with-a-bob cut is this sharp. (Or maybe you’re wearing just enough makeup to make it look like you’re not wearing any. Either way, good look!)

11. Catwoman

Obviously. If she had anything less than a stellar cat eye, she’d lose the rights to her name.

12. Oblina

OK, she’s not a human (she’s on the left in the image above). But she is workin’ that bright red lip and ultra-long lashes right out of a dubious mascara ad.

13. Betty Boop

Long lashes continued: It might take two packs of falsies to get ones as luxe as Ms. Boop’s.

14. Princess Tiana

A two-tone lip is brave (as are sculpted brows), but the monochromatic palette elsewhere means Tiana pulls the look off with aplomb.

15. Jessica Rabbit

Quite possibly the hottest animated chick of all time, Jessica’s lavender lids and sexpot red lipstick are a master class in alluring makeup.

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