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    A Real Person Tests 5 Wildly Popular Pinterest Beauty Tutorials

    WARNING: graphic images of "marble nails" ahead.

    The pin: Use a sock for a perfectly shaped bun.

    Simple, right?

    Here I am, ready to go with my sock (RIP sock). Disclaimer No. 1: I have shoulder length hair. Disclaimer No. 2: It is mad curly, and it rained like crazy today.

    My curls earning the right to be called "unruly" — one ringlet did NOT want to obey the sock.

    I played around with it a bit and it worked a little better. This definitely is meant for longer, straighter hair, though.

    The pin: Add cornstarch to topcoat for a matte finish.

    First I applied some shiny, shiny polish and then took a very shaky picture of it.

    I mixed about 1/4 teaspoon of cornstarch with some top coat in a shot glass, stirred it around until it was a consistent texture, then applied. It actually worked pretty well! But it chips extremely easily.

    Also note: Goodbye forever, shot glass. Totally ruined.

    The pin: Dip your hands in various nail polish colors mixed in a bowl of water for a marbled effect

    The pin suggests you cover your hands in petroleum jelly so that the polish only sticks to your nails.

    Here are my colors

    Mixed together all swirly. (After the shot glass loss I used a disposable cup since I was not about to ruin a bowl, too.)

    LOL FOREVER. While the polish is not on my skin, it is on petroleum jelly right on top of my skin, which sucks just as much to clean up (and looks just as terrifying).

    Once I cleaned it up it looked OK, though I'm sad my middle finger soaked up all the blue and nothing else.

    The pin: Egg whites + tissue paper = blackhead-removing face mask

    As per the pin's instructions, I made a face mask/ghost visage for myself out of tissue paper. I then applied a layer of egg whites, the mask, and another layer of egg whites to my face.

    As my roommate put it, "You look like Gangy."

    After I peeled this disgusting thing off my face, I was extremely disappointed to find nary a blackhead on it.

    The pin: Mix cornstarch, baby powder and cocoa powder for a finishing mineral powder.

    Recipe: 1 tablespoon of corn starch, 1/2 tablespoon of baby powder, and a pinch of cocoa powder.

    This is what mine looked like. However, it smelled heavenly, like a fresh, clean baby eating a brownie.

    My Marc Jacobs x Sephora powder brush is all, "Did you really just cover me with baking supplies? How pedestrian."

    I shook the brush off repeatedly, but I was still horrified when the powder went on my skin. It was so thick! So pasty! You also can't tell from this selfie, but after the first tap the powder exploded all over the front of my dress.

    But a few seconds of blending later and it doesn't look half bad. That is, of course, if you don't mind your face smelling like a baby eating a brownie.