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Why Tobin Heath Is My Spirit Animal (In GIFs)

If there is one person who is super pumped about the USWNT World Cup win, it's me. I adore our girls. Recently, I've learned that #17, Tobin Heath, is actually my Spirit Animal. She's the coolest person ever and she knows it, yet she would never say it. Because, she's that cool.

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She tells it how it is

Celebration Style: Pure Excitement


Basically me after eating Chipotle/Shake Shack or watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

She wears a beanie like a champ


Winter wear AND everyday swag?

She's adorable

Anytime is party-time

She knows the latest trends


Don't we all have thick rimmed Ray-Ban glasses these days? I know I do.

Breaking the language barrier is nothing to her

She knows she is the true center of attention

Goofball, extroidanire

She knows its ok to challenge authority


Every. Day. Of. My. Life.

Hopping off the bus like a Beatle

Her Friends: Awesome


I like to think that I surround myself with cool people, too.

There was no actual rhyme or reason to this. I just really think Tobin Heath is a great soccer player and is probably a really cool person. She is, for sure, my new Spirit Animal.

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