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Evolution Of Style: SVU (2 Of 3)

The saga continues

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Season 9

Ok. Ok. So, we get it it. They are cute. I guess we can let them (her) look somewhat almost decent. And he can lose the sport coat every so often. But, if he's not wearing a jacket, have him roll up his sleeves. It makes him look aggressive.

Season 10 (part 1)

So, let's jazz it up. Give him some subtle patterns in his ties. And she needs ruffles and lace. Maybe if they kinda have similar flair those foolish fans will think they are together.....

Season 11

Have they been filming outside a lot lately? I guess we can put them in sunglasses. NOT Ray-Bans. We did that once in Season 1. Blew the whole budget. Tell the PA to run to Chinatown and get the cheapest, most ill-fitting sunglasses they can find. Actually, you know what, let's coordinate their outfits every so often. It makes them look like a real team! They'll be together forever!

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