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Evolution Of Style: SVU (1 Of 3)

What the wardrobe department was thinking. I think...

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Season 1

So.... Cop show. Let's put them in clothes? They are detectives, right? So, like suits? I don't know what lady detectives wear. Just dress her like him. But, without a tie. Keep the pants high.

Season 3

Ok, we're liking the blue shirt/boring suit thing. Let's keep that ball rolling for him. But, she needs some leather in her life. Grab a shirt with an odd unchanging neckline. Keep the hem short or tuck it in and then cut her waistline with a belt. Wait, she's got a waist! We may need to use that! No! That's crazy...

Season 5

His suits need to be just a touch more dull. The leather thing was working for her. She works it will. I think we are ready to give her some dipping neck lines. She's actually kinda cute. She can pull it off.

Season 6

Do cops wear normal people clothes? Let's keep him dull, but add a Sherpa lined denim jacket! But, wait... She's legit cute. Throw a few pastels on her. Show a little neck. And by all means, the woman can work leather! She. Stays. In. Leather.

Season 7

We've got something here. Let's dress her up a bit. What have we been doing? She's stunning! Let's dress EVERYONE else in boring shit still. Especially the older cop. Make him look like he despises having to wrangle large children on a daily basis.

Season 8 (part 2)

Oh, she's back. Do we have hoodies left from that blonde chick? Yeah? Boom, we don't need to buy anything else then. Let's keep him looking like he hates life. Actually, the pair should dress down more. They seem to be going through some things. At least let them be comfortable.

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