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5 Times Taylor Swift's Lyrics Were About Law & Order: SVU

Let's be real. Taylor Swift is super thirsty to be Olivia Benson. Her lyrics proved this long before the cat...

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1. Now we got problems/ I don't think we can solve them


So, Det. Benson has the most hot-mess of all the hot-messes on her squad- Det. Amanda Rollins. In Gamblers Fallacy, Rollins does some really bad/train wreck stuff. Her actions make Benson take it to that level and tell Rollins, "You know, Lt. Murphy may trust you...I don't."

Damn, Liv. That's cold. Ice. Cold.

Song: Bad Blood

Album: 1989

2. No apologies. He'll never see you cry/ Pretends he doesn't know that he's the reason why/ You're drowning, you're drowning, you're drowning.


Goddamn that Elliot Stabler! In Scorched Earth, Olivia has to take a moment alone in the interrogation room to cry it out. It's ok boo. You'll grow so much more without him.

"Give me 5 and we'll roll." I'm sorry Olivia, but you're going to be crying about him longer than 5 minutes. More like 4 seasons...

Song: I Knew You Were Trouble.

Album: Red

3. When you said you needed space/ What?


Olivia Benson is hard to work with. Not one, but 2 partners, unexpectedly, needed some time away from their Livvy-Love. Elliot in Fault. And the lovable Det. Nick Amaro in Twentyfive Acts.

Song: We Are Never Getting Back Together

Album: Red

Ironically, they both decided to be her partner again. And then they both killed someone to save her. And then left her alone. Bruh...

4. Hey, all you had to do was stay/ Had me in the palm of your hand/ Then why'd you have to go and lock me out when I let you in


Smoked. It's a painful episode to watch. Olivia's BELOVED partner (secret sex friend) of 12 years Elliot killed a kid and then leaves her because... Well, we still aren't sure why (Warren Leight, we need some closure). So sad, right? She keeps calling him like that crazy obsessive girlfriend/boyfriend. You know the one, "So, you can post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but I can't get a text back?"

Elliot. You did my girl dirty. Shame on you.

And I'm aware the gif is NOT from Smoked...

Song: All You Had To Do Was Stay

Album: 1989

5. Our song is a slamming screen door/ Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window


Rollaro. My FAVORITE fictional relationship was brought into our hearts during Reasonable Doubt. It's dirty. It's hot. It's tumultuous. And it's a secret. They would have made beautiful babies....

Song: Our Song

Album: Taylor Swift

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