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    30 Authors Who Sparked Movements

    Here are some of the best pieces of advice and observations on how to spark a movement through writing a book!

    1. A book that sparks a movement can “transcend the limitations of time, space, and culture.”

    2. “The change we seek is possible.”

    3. “You MUST fail to succeed.”

    4. “Shake up that ideal and admire quiet courage.”

    5. “Have a passion for what you do, not a passion to be successful.”

    6. Books that spark movements are an “intimate conversation between the author and the reader.”

    7. “Never expect success, just do good work.”

    8. “Connect with yourself.”

    9. “Expect the unexpected.”

    10. "CONNECT to a movement."

    11. "Be susceptible to the universe.”

    12. “Don’t ever let anyone steal your magic.”

    13. “Fear need not be the final answer.”

    14. Talk (and listen).”

    15. “Listen to the Divine.”

    16. “If you give up, it’ll never happen.”

    17. “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

    18. "Authenticity was the key.”

    19. WNBA Star Simone Edwards: "Create what you want to be a part of."

    20. "Your vision must be credible, viable, practical, worthwhile, and achievable."

    21. “Where you write matters.”

    22. "You need to deeply understand the hopes and fears of their audience."

    23. "Use the book as a real strategic tool to both grow its readership and support [your] business."

    24. “Patience and rigor are key.”

    25. “The world is thirsty for true and honest life experiences.”

    26. “Have your ear to the ground.”

    27. “Uncover and listen to the quiet, confident, inner voice deep in your stomach.”

    28. “Do the work to get what you want.”

    29. “Fail fearlessly.”

    30. “Progress trumps perfection every time.”