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    25 Secret Tips On How To Be A Successful Author

    So you wanna write a book? Here's how to do it right, from the authors themselves.

    1. “Don’t wait for other people to validate you.”

    I wanted to become a thought leader and for several years I was waiting for the day for someone to come up to me and tell me it was time to become one. No one ever showed up and said Cayla it is your time to become a thought leader. I saw all these people around me in the space doing what I wanted to do and thinking what do I need to do to get there and I finally realized I just needed to show up, so I did.

    -Cayla Craft, Host of Mommy Millionaire Podcast

    2. “You have to tell a captivating story.”

    Be patient. Write and rewrite until it’s not “good.” No, that you passed “good” and went to a level you didn’t think that you could reach.

    -Mark Stevens, author and storyteller

    3. “Surrender to faith.”

    Perseverance paid off big time, as it helped me create many bestsellers. I was open-minded about trying new things as well as willing to fail.

    -Ally Nathaniel, author

    4. “You have an air of credibility.”

    The world is full of many dreamers and few doers. If you want to be a bestselling author, be one of those doers. Don’t wait for Monday, January 1st or whatever other arbitrary time you choose in your head. Your time to shine is now!

    -Jaclyn DiGregorio, author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur

    5. “Let go of perfection and just write.”

    Everyone has a story. Everyone is a creator. There is someone who needs to hear your worst story so they can learn from it. Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t hold back. The world needs you now.

    -Tom Scarda, host of The Franchise Academy Podcast show

    6. "Make it personal."

    Make it personal. Give yourself life in your writing and you give your writing life.

    -Mike Schultz, president at RAIN Group

    7. “You literally have to become the book.”

    You literally have to become the book. Live in it, be it, for it to be successful. You have to work as hard as you can and concentrate as if that book was a life and death issue. You cannot be a part time writer. You are either a full time writer while writing your book or not.

    -Nevsah Fidan Karamehmet, author and faculty member of the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences

    8. Do not find yourself “painting within the lines.”

    Creativity is not painting within the lines — spill some paint, mix some colors and write to your heart’s content.

    -Nandita Godbole, food writer and cookbook author

    9. “Never ever give up.”

    Finally, never give up. Ever ever ever. Writing a book is mostly a solo endeavor. It takes time, and it’s hard, but if you’re going to succeed, you must keep going.

    -S.G. Prince, author of Elvish

    10. “Block out the negative chatter”

    Block out the negative chatter and just GET ON with it. There will always be someone who will laugh when you say you are looking to write a book. There will also be someone who be inspired by your action too!

    -Ania Jeffries, Award-Winning Coach, a Confidence Generator, a licensed NLP Practitioner, Best-Selling Author, Founder of Women Work

    11. “There are no shortcuts.”

    There are no shortcuts. Do the work. Do Your Best. Repeat.

    -Laura Morton, author of over 50 books

    12. “A bestselling book is a great business card.”

    The greatest part to me is the visibility associated with becoming well-known as a subject matter expert or a resource in the topics I discussed in the book. It became a differentiator for me in my business and how I got there. A best-selling book is a great business card.

    -Phyllis Marlene Benstein, international speaker, best-selling author, Founding Leader and Independent Market Partner with Monat Global

    13. “You don’t need to be an expert.”

    You don’t need to be an expert in order to have a good idea that’s worth sharing. I would sometimes paralyze myself early on, thinking I needed to know every nook and cranny of a subject before I could even state an opinion. The writing is the learning a lot of the time. The faster you get to writing, the faster you’ll learn.

    -Jesse Mecham, founder of YNAB

    14. “Accept and love who you are.”

    I would encourage and challenge other authors to write with that level of acceptance that allows you to be vulnerable enough to allow the readers to feel you through the pages.

    -Dr. Lisa Strohman, psychologist, attorney, author, and mother who established Digital Citizen Academy

    15. “Perseverance pays off.”

    I begged her to give it a try and finally, she did. She read it in one night and sold it a month later. Perseverance pays off. Don’t give up and just keep writing.

    -Kaira Rouda, and award-winning author

    16. “Talent will only get you so far.”

    Grit. Talent will only get you so far. Working hard and working with passion will take you to places and allow to you occupy spaces you would have never dreamed. I’m not one to wait around and hope everything good in this world is handed to me on a silver platter. I get my butt in the chair and write. I rework. I write some more. I’ve learned the dream of being a published author looks a whole lot like hard work.

    -Tiffany Bluhm, author, blogger, speaker, teacher, podcast host, wife, and mother

    17. “You have to really love what you do.”

    Last, but not least, you have to love (really love) what you do. This comes across in your writing and makes other people love it, talk about it, share it, recommend it to their loved ones.

    -Javier Hasse, young, Latinx, best-selling, cannabis-focused book author

    18. “The most important habit is discipline.”

    I think the most important habit that led to me becoming a bestselling author is my discipline. It’s ironic, but the greatest downfall I see in most writers is that they do not write. They spend time on all the “exciting” stuff, like building a website or designing a book cover, but put off dedicating time to what really matters — their book!

    -Nihar Suthar, award-winning writer, covering inspirational stories around the world

    19. “Take a writing class."

    Take a writing class. It is important to write in a way that connects the readers to you. I ended up taking a writing class in the middle of my book which really helped me to write as I talk.

    -Sanda Moldovan, founder of Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness, award-winning periodontist, nutritionist, and world-renowned oral health and wellness expert

    20. “Pursue what you love doing.”

    The takeaway, for me, is to pursue what you love doing. It might lead you to become a bestselling author or it might not. But in the end, you will have spent your time doing something worthwhile.

    -Andrea Beaty, author of the beloved picture books about pursuing one’s passion with persistence

    21. A bestseller is “a key that unlocks invisible doors.”

    I’ve discovered that a bestselling book is basically a key that unlocks invisible doors. It created so many opportunities, which I didn’t fully expect.

    -Tony Whatley, business mentor, author, podcast host, and entrepreneur

    22. “Bring continued exposure.”

    The key is to bring continued awareness and exposure to a new book. Repetition, repetition, repetition. After all, what’s the point of having a book if nobody knows it exists!

    -Cindy Birne, President of Cindy Birne Public Relations

    23. “Press on until the job is done.”

    One of the habits that I would say contributed to my success would be perseverance. No matter what life throws at you, the obstacles that come before you, the health challenges etc. etc. Just deciding not to give up and to press on until the job is done.

    -Jess Tiffany, author, speaker, strategist, and marketing consultant

    24. A bestseller is “a living, breathing entity.”

    A book is a live entity. It has a heart and it has momentum. You have to look at it as a living, breathing entity with a purpose and direction — a final, published, official book! That will help you carry the project through to completion when the going gets tough. Taking those two things into consideration, a book really helps reflect, explain, and engage with your readers your heart, your brilliance, and who you are.

    -Ruth Klein, award-winning entrepreneur, soul-centered coach and author

    25. “Find your purpose in life and chase it.”

    Having a purpose has been the biggest thing for me. It was the theme of my last book and I believe it’s true for everyone to be successful. It’s important to find your purpose in life and chase it. I was able to write about my purpose in life in my new book show the meaning it has had for me and how it has led to where I am today.

    -Brandon Steiner, Founder and CEO of Steiner Sports

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