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This Is What Food Looks Like On 18 Different Airlines

Spoiler alert: it looks delicious. Taste verdicts are still out. (Check out Airplane Food for more!)

1. Cathay Pacific: Breakfast

2. Aeromexico: Breakfast

3. Aircalin: Breakfast

4. Delta Airlines: Breakfast

5. Air Force One: Lunch

6. Sabena: Lunch

7. Virgin America: Lunch

8. Qatar Airways: Lunch

9. Air India: Lunch

10. Saudi Arabian: Lunch

11. Thai Airways: Lunch

12. Alaska Airlines: Lunch

13. Lufthansa: Lunch

14. Copa Airlines: Snack

15. Avianca: Appetizer

16. Emirates Airline: Dinner

17. All Nippon Airways: Dessert

18. Swiss International Airline: Dessert


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