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    Other Ways To Appreciate Red Bull

    Embrace the addiction! Caffeine junkies unite 4 lyfe.

    You could make some Red Bull cupcakes.

    Or these ones that also feature Pop Rocks.

    Then you could get in touch with your creative side.

    And partake in the time-honored (since 1999!) tradition of Red Bull can art.

    You could appreciate its awesome power by figuring out how much could kill you.

    Then pop a few of these Jell-O shots.

    You could get a job driving this thing around.

    Or gather some friends and impress them with this sorcery.

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    This guy can open a full can, turn it upside down, and nothing spills out!

    And admire the time and care it took someone to make this cake.

    These sprinkle-y, caffeinated cake pops, though, you could totally make yourself.

    But if you want to feel slightly better about your caloric intake, there's this Red Bull smoothie.

    And later on, you could whip up a salad with Red Bull dressing.

    Which pairs perfectly next to a Red Bull-marinated steak!

    After you feast, sit back and watch a Red Bull float around space.

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