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How You Thought Your Life Would Be More Like "Gilmore Girls"

Expecting more witty one-liners? Weren't we all.

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Wouldn't it be nice to live in a place...

...where everyone adored you?

And the whole town was basically family.

But now, you look at your neighbors like

And you live more like this.

The local diner was going to be your go-to hangout.

But a lot of times, hanging out with friends goes more like this.

You thought you could be besties with your mom...

...and her star-crossed love interest who was generally awesome.

But in real life, spending too much time with Mom can make you go all

You watched Rory Gilmore become valedictorian and get accepted into all her favorite Ivies.

Meanwhile, your college experience was more like

All your handsome current and former boyfriends would want to fight for you!

Which one would you choose?


But sometimes you just feel like


At least you'd have your ethnically diverse group of friends who were all in a band.

Along with that lovably crazy one.

But life's not fair. Because you can't eat like this...

...without looking in the mirror like

And your grandparents give you presents more like this

Than this.

And while there are times in your life like these...

...there are a lot more where you're just like

But cheer up!

You can still live vicariously.

They might even be making a Gilmore Girls movie!

Life's short, guys. Talk fast.

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