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Bananas Used To Be Totally Different In The '50s

And the ones you see at the grocery store might change again in a couple decades! What!

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That's because every banana is a genetic clone of all other bananas.

They all trace their history back to one banana, and because of that, they're all sterile. Farmers must manually cut and plant the roots to grow new fruit.

According to legend, this kind of banana tasted way better. It was more soft and creamy.

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Here is a guy tasting a Gros Michel banana. They're still grown in some parts of Southeast Asia.

The song "Yes, We Have No Bananas" was written about this terrible crisis.

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Now, a similar disease is after the Candevish. It's already devastated farms in Asia, the Pacific, and Australia.

Researchers say there's little doubt that "Race 4" will travel to South and Latin America, where the vast majority of bananas are grown for export to the United States.

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