32 Shots That Taste Like Other Delicious Foods

Hate to cook? Love to drink? Read on, friend.

1. The Snickers Bar Shot

You’re not you when you’re hungry, so have some creme de cacao and hazelnut liqueur!

2. The Pink Starburst Shot

Clearly the best Starburst flavor. With vanilla vodka, watermellon schnapps, and sweet and sour.

4. The Nutella Shot

With actual Nutella, vodka, and Irish creme liqueur.

5. The Peanut Butter and Jelly Shot

With your choice of fruity vodka and hazelnut liqueur. Variations here!

8. The Birthday Cake Shot

Includes vodka and a little bit of cake mix for the perfect flavor — and whipped cream topping, of course.

9. The French Toast Shot

Whiskey, butterscotch schnapps, and Irish creme liqueur make a good breakfast, right?

11. The Maple Bacon Donut Shot

Because don’t you like all of those things? And why wouldn’t you want to drink them? Drink mix here; bacon-infused vodka how-to here.

15. The Pumpkin Pie Shot

It’s like Thanksgiving! With pumpkin vodka, Goldschlager, and Irish creme liqueur.

16. The Kool Aid Shot

Being full of vodka, amaretto, and melon liqueur explains why he was always running into things.

20. The Fruit Loops Shot

Three Olives’ “Loopy” vodka was made for this. Recipe here.

23. The M&Ms Shot

With Hazelnut creme liqueur, creme de cacao, and an M&M on top, of course.

24. The Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot

Technically a bomb, not a shot, but supposedly tastes just like Dr. Pepper! Also, you get to light some amaretto and rum on fire.

27. The Banana Split Shot

With some banana liqueur, Irish creme liqueur, and rum, with a cherry on top.

30. The Tabasco Shot

AKA the “Prairie Fire,” with tequila and hot sauce. Variations here.

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