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    Updated on Nov 14, 2018. Posted on May 31, 2013

    26 Dogs Who Are Having An Identity Crisis

    It's fun to play pretend! Unless you're a dog. Sorry, dogs.


    Firecracker dog.

    Bubblegum dog.

    The dog who blue himself.

    Turtle dog.

    Panda dog.

    Cheeto dog.

    Cheetah dog.

    Jester dog.

    Tiger dog.

    The dog who knows you did this.

    Bison dog.

    Peacock dog.

    Flaming dog.

    The dog who's so punk rock.

    Zebra dog.

    My Little Dog

    Camel dog.

    Regretful tattoo dog.

    Jock dog.


    Cotton candy dog.

    Party like it's 2008 dog.

    Okay, guys.


    Stop doing this to your pets.

    That's bett-- never mind.

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