17 Animals With More Talent Than You

Opposable thumbs, whatever. Your various skills and accomplishments pale compared to these critters.

1. This bear’s martial artistry.

2. This elephant’s paintings.

Proven true by Snopes!

3. These dogs’ sense of direction.

Strays in Russia are known for their uncanny ability to ride the subway and get off at the correct stop by smell or sound.

4. This bird’s convincing performance.

5. This ostrich’s graceful skiing.

6. This parrot’s melodious voice.

7. That thing this dog does with his eyes!

8. This dog’s skateboard prowess.

9. This octopus’ psychic abilities.

Paul the Octopus accurately depicted the outcome of the 2010 World Cup.

10. This dog’s balancing act.

11. This elephant’s way around a soccer ball.

12. This gorilla’s breakdancing skills.

13. This dog’s ability to climb trees.

14. This dog dancing the merengue.

15. This pig’s self-expression through music.

16. This dog that knows the rules of the road.

17. And lastly, this dog’s modeling ability.

Such a pretty dog, yes you are!

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