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    12 Of The Best Friendships Between Man And Beast

    We should all be so lucky to find friends like these. They just "get" each other, you know?

    Jeremy Veach and Norm the pug


    Jeremy and Norm go around taking awesome pictures like this one. Sometimes Norm does selfies, too.

    Theron Humphrey and Maddie the coonhound


    Humphrey discovered Maddie's amazing ability to balance on nearly anything while taking a road trip, and the two are now working on an animal rescue project.

    Tasuku and Muu the French bulldog

    Via Instagram: @ayasakai

    These Toyko-based Instagram stars sleep, play, watch TV, and read together.

    Grandma Misa and Fukumaru


    The 88-year-old Japanese woman still goes out every day to farm with her cat Fukumaru.

    Katherine and LiLu Blue Royal Lady

    Four-year-old Katherine, daughter of Russian photographer Andy Prokh, has grown up with this six-year-old British Shorthair cat in St. Petersburg.

    John Unger and Schoep

    This photo of a Wisconsinite holding his 19-year-old shepherd mix in Lake Superior to sooth the dog's arthritis pain went viral last year. (And Schoep just turned 20!)

    Julian Becker and Max the Newfoundland


    Julian and Max have many adventures together on the island just north of Seattle where they live with mommy blogger Stasha Becker.

    Isabella and Miso

    View this video on YouTube


    Miso, a Shitzu-Chihuahua mix, covered 10-week-old Isabella after the baby fell asleep on top of her blanket. Two years later, they're still best friends.

    Sam's Mystery Owner and Sam

    Via Instagram: @samhaseyebrows

    Together, the cat with eyebrows and his owner (who likes to remain anonymous) use proceeds from their website to benefit Empty Cages Collective, a Brooklyn, NY, animal rescue organization.

    Courtney Dasher and Tuna

    Via Instagram: @tunameltsmyheart

    Dasher adopted Tuna, a chiweenie, despite his massive overbite, and the two brighten the Instagram feeds of over 450,000 followers!

    Mimi and Stoosh the skunk


    Seven-year-old Mimi cares for one-year-old Stoosh, who is said to smell lovely and has only sprayed anyone once, in Rugeley, England.

    Andrew Knapp and Momo the border collie


    Knapp, a graphic designer in Ontario, takes Where's Waldo -style photographs of Momo for the internet.

    Pets are the best, you guys.