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7 Reasons To Visit Pisa

Italy has a lot to offer her visitor. However, sometimes small cities like Pisa get overlooked amidst bigger ones like Florence and Rome. if you're traveling to the land of Italia, don't forget to miss this gem! it's a beautiful city and there's so much more to see than just the Leaning Tower.

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This small Gothic church is an amazing piece of both history and architecture. The word "Spina" ("thorn") in the name refers to a piece of the crown Christ wore on the cross which was allegedly brought to the small cathedral in the late 14th century.

4. Eat Gelato

There's no arguing it: gelato is simply one of the best parts of Italian cuisine. Ask anyone -- visitor or local -- and they'll concur that eating the freshest, Italian ice cream is a great way to cool off during the hot summer months.

3. Piazza dei Cavalieri

The Piazza dei Cavalieri, or The Knights’ Square is the second main square of the city. Back in medieval days, the square was the political center of Pisa. Today, the piazza serves as a center of education, part of the local university.

2. Piazza dei Miracoli

Massimo Catarinella / Via

This piazza, translated to the "Field of Miracles" is the main city square and is just inside the city wall. The Catholic Church considers this area sacred ground and it is home to four religious buildings: the Cathedral, Baptistry, Tower, and Camposanto Monumentale (Monumental Cemetery). And while you're in the PIazza dei Miracoli you'd better see...

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