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8 Reasons Your Children Should Learn English With An Au Pair

Being bilingual is an extremely high-valued skill. People vary on how they want to learn English, but many Italian families are finding that hosting an au pair from America is one of the best ways for their children to learn to speak fluently. Not only is it free, but the children develop other skill sets as well as become proficient in English.

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1. Listening Skills

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One of the best reasons to help your kids learn English by hosting an au pair is the immeasurable gift of listening skills they will develop. Although learning a language in a school setting is good, the one drawback is the lack of listening to native speakers. When you listen to a native speak the language, you learn how to understand more easily and how to speak the language better.

2. Cost is So Affordable

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Another great reason to host an au pair to help your children develop English skills is because the cost is unbeatable. In terms of money, this private tutoring is free. While there are costs associated with possibly buying more food, and the cost of having the au pair in your home, you are saving thousands of euros by having an American teach your children for free.

3. Natural Corrections

When children learn to speak a language, they will naturally make mistakes both grammatical and in their spelling. However, when kids learn with a native speaker, they have the opportunity to be corrected in a natural way. Instead of pointing out the wrong phrase or word, the native speaker simply repeats the child's sentence in the correct way, reinforcing the correct grammar in the child's mind.

4. It's Fun

Letting your children be free to listen to stories and play games in English will make them happy and excited to speak a new language. It will also help them retain the information that they learn.

5. Learn About Another Culture

When children learn another language, they will also learn more about that culture. This can help them understand people of other nationalities and enlarge their perspectives about the world around them.

6. Speak More Like Madrelinguas

Madrelingua is the Italian word for native speaker. A certain way to differentiate between someone who speaks a foreign language well and someone who doesn't is in their accent and their use of idioms.

7. Full Immersion

More and more, people are learning English online. However, in-person interactions are always better for learning and retaining a language. Plus, having that person in your home can help your children learn, not only during a class time, but the whole time that your au pair is there.

8. Safety of Your Own Home

Another great reason to have an au pair teach your children English for free is that you can trust that the teaching is in the safety of your own home. Although studies abroad are helpful and good in their own timing, they can be expensive and less safe than learning English with a private tutor in your home.

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