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33 Reasons Craig Ferguson's Retirement Should Make You Want To Cry

The best host of all time announced he would step down from the show at the end of December. This is NOT a great day for America.

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3. He's always classy when it counts.

In 2007 when Britney Spears had her infamous meltdown, Craig refused to make jokes about her, instead delivering a speech referencing his own problems and stating that he wouldn't attack someone when they're vulnerable and need help.

5. He even won a Peabody Award for excellence.

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Craig's interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu was a sterling example of television.

15. In fact, he loves America so much that he became a legal citizen.

Craig shared his journey to citizenship on his show, including his citizenship test. He even got a tattoo of Ben Franklin's "Join or Die" cartoon.

22. He's multi-talented.

Not only is Craig a hilarious, beautiful human being, he also is an accomplished musician (hence the band). He sings and plays the drums for the show's opening theme song, plays the harmonica during the show, and also knows how to bust a move. And, aside from his autobiography, he even wrote a fiction novel called Between the Bridge and the River.

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